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chief deity of Zoroastrianism


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The difference lies in the conception of the cosmic forces of Ahuramazda and Ahriman, good and evil, respectively.
In contrast, Manichaeism sees the end of the world in the mere separation of the cosmic forces,(48) since Ahuramazda and Ahriman are co-eternals.
We have already seen them to be commanders of armies in various troublesome regions; yet Darius says the victories were won by his armies thanks to the help Ahuramazda conferred on the king: 'Ahuramazda bore aid to me; by the favour of Ahuramazda my army smote that rebellious army exceedingly'.
Wo auch immer zuvor (die) Daivas verehrt worden sind, da habe ich Ahuramazda verehrt zur rechten Zeit und mit rechtem Zeremoniell.
then) behave according to that Law which Ahuramazda established .
He notes the occurrence of a ritual offering, Ian, in eighty-one texts: twenty-six to the Elamite god Humban and ten to Ahuramazda.
In point of fact, at least four of the nine liar kings are closer to Ahuramazda than Darius himself; one of them (number three) is so close to the divine that his later-added caption had to be written on his waist, rather than above him, as was the case for the others.
Old Persian DNb 1-3 "A great god is Ahuramazda, who gave/made (verb da-) this *perfection (frasam) that is seen, who gave happiness to man" (R.