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chief deity of Zoroastrianism


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In contrast, Manichaeism sees the end of the world in the mere separation of the cosmic forces,(48) since Ahuramazda and Ahriman are co-eternals.
then) behave according to that Law which Ahuramazda established .
He notes the occurrence of a ritual offering, Ian, in eighty-one texts: twenty-six to the Elamite god Humban and ten to Ahuramazda.
In point of fact, at least four of the nine liar kings are closer to Ahuramazda than Darius himself; one of them (number three) is so close to the divine that his later-added caption had to be written on his waist, rather than above him, as was the case for the others.
Old Persian DNb 1-3 "A great god is Ahuramazda, who gave/made (verb da-) this *perfection (frasam) that is seen, who gave happiness to man" (R.