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(Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities

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It is where Ahura Mazda describes an earthly place (11):
The Ahura Mazda of the Gatha has no specific gender yet shares certain similarities with the Yahweh of the Hebrew bible and the Allah of the Qur'an.
In personal communication, Ahura Scientific informed us that the Truscans were not deployed fully until the very end of 2009, a point repeated by Dr Orhii.
Zoroastrians, who follow the prophet Zarathustra and worship Ahura Maza as the creator of the universe, fled persecution in ancient Iran and arrived in India in the 10th century.
it was "a precious symbol of Ahura Mazda"--a figure he
An ancient Iranian deity who was identified with Artemis by the Greeks, Anahit was held by Armenians to be the daughter of Aramazd, the Iranian Ahura Mazda.
- Contract Servicies 636 Ahura Scientific 206 Alcan Global Pharmaceutical Packaging 209 Alconox Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-1 March 2010-Thermo Fisher's acquisition of Ahura Scientific is completed(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
US laboratory equipment maker Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO) said it has wrapped up the purchase of Ahura Scientific.
The titles are a measure of the rarity that is going to be on display -- Martial Music of the Indian Army, Homage Unto Ahura Mazda ( Parsi prayer records), Dulal Roy's santoor recital, Lata Mangeshkar's first concert abroad ( 1974), as also all- time favourite Bollywood numbers from an era when the Hindi film industry didn't have a fancy nomenclature.
Key topics are the attribution of royal power to the favor of the "Wise Lord" Ahura Mazda and the significance of the creation narratives that open twenty-three of the inscriptions, similar in tone and vocabulary to Avestan accounts of the world's formation.
Dabai (UP), Feb 22 (ANI): Residents of Dabai village in Uttar Pradesh's Ahura District have been praying for the success of the documentary 'Smile Pinky' at the Oscars, since it is based on the life of a girl with a lip deformity in their village.