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(Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities

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Un probleme de religion achemenide: Ahura Mazda ou Xvarnah?
Marriage is an institution that is believed to be favoured by Ahura Mazda.
Sellisteks olenditeks on naiteks pimeduseprints Ahriman (= Angra Mainyu, kes on ka zoroastrismis peamine kurjuse kehastus), Ohrmizd (= Ahura Mazda, kes on aga maniluses degradeeritud peajumalast esimeseks inimeseks, kes langeb pimedusejoudude ohvriks), Mihr (= jumal Mithra), kes on partia ja sogdi manihheistlikus traditsioonis Valguse Isa kolmas saadik (96) jpt.
The first was called Ahura Mazdah, and Mazda light bulbs plagiarized the title, for Mazda refers to light; the dark principle was known as Arihman.
Most recently Kevin co-founded Ahura Scientific in 2002 and was responsible for engineering, government research, operations, and the safety & security business vertical.
anayra raoca: the place where Ahura Mazda dwells), in which alternating Pahlavi renditions of the Avestan cinuuat.
Aasia Enterprises Private Ltd ADS Gesellschaft fur aktive Schutzsysteme mbH (ADS GmbH) ADT Advanced Concept Technologies International Aerius Photonics LLC Agentase LLC Ahura Scientific Inc AirBoss AirBoss Defense AirBoss of America Corporation AirBoss Engineered Products Inc AirBoss Flexible Products Co.
God of fire (ether), the ancient god Ahura Mazda knew him The Shahnameh is helping athletes.
Contract Services 636 Ahura Scientific 258 Alcan Global Pharmaceutical Packaging 537 Alliance Medical Products, Inc.
A portable Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy device is now available from Ahura Scientific of Wilmington, Mass.
Ahura Scientific introduced the TruDefender FT handheld FT-IR, which sets an impressive benchmark in size and weight.
He has held senior executive positions in the life sciences industry, most recently as the Vice President of Global Sales at Ahura Scientific, a leading manufacturer of handheld analytical instruments.
In the Avesta, Ahura Mazda says: The nation who cultivate fruit trees and convert the barren lands to farmlands would have happier people.