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Afghan leader of forces opposed to the Taliban


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In a fractious country where a grim gallery of brutal warlords and squabbling grifters is woven into the political tapestry, Afghans still cling to Ahmad Shah Massoud as a unifying figure who could have led the country to a Taliban-free future, were it not for his murder by Al-Qaeda operatives.
His accounts of working directly with Ahmad Shah Massoud and Hamid Karzai are truly wonderful.
In September 2001, Tunisians disguised as reporters assassinated the anti-Taliban leader and war hero Ahmad Shah Massoud. This happened two days before 9/11.
Formerly known as the Heetal hotel, it was damaged in a December 2009 suicide car bomb attack near the home of former Afghan vice-president Ahmad Zia Massoud, brother of legendary anti-Taliban fighter Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed in an al-Qaida suicide bombing two days before the 9/11 attacks.
At a programme on Martyrs Day, Sep 9, to commemorate the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Abdullah Abdullah had to urge his Reform and Partnership team supporters not to resort to violence.
Noor regretted some individuals had been misusing the name of popular resistance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud. Such people would not enjoy any prestige if Ahmad Shah Masood had been alive, he remarked.
Naturally, they do build upon each another as Cook acquaints readers with personalities like Karzai and Mullah Mohammed Omar as well as Afghan legends such as Ahmad Shah Massoud. He introduces complex topics (e.g., the structure of the Afghan National Police) in a palatable way that actually makes sense.
Originally an ophthalmologist by profession, Abdullah was an adviser to anti-Soviet resistance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud. He was also a prominent leader in the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, where he still holds influence.
He went to school donning a pakol, the woolen Afghan cap worn by Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the Tajik faction of the anti-Soviet resistance.
Arrive en deuxieme position au premier tour de la presidentielle de 2009, avec plus de 30% des voix, cet ancien porte-parole du commandant Ahmad Shah Massoud - le celebre resistant au regime taliban - a consolide son image quand il a dirige le ministere des Affaires etrangeres du premier gouvernement Karzai.
Dr.Abdullah had been a very close confidant of the legendary Panjshiri commander late Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was the only Mujahideen leader whom the Taliban could not subdue.
Karzai's former foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul, a Pashtun, is running with Ahmad Zia Massoud, the brother of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a Northern Alliance commander assassinated in an al-Qaida suicide bombing two days before Sept.
Dubai-based Amina Zia Massoud, the daughter of Ahmad Zia Massoud - a vice presidential candidate for the 2014 elections and former vice president and brother of legendary Tajik commander Ahmad Shah Massoud - said: "Personally, I do not think the Taliban will come into power.
Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Northern Alliance's leader, was assassinated days before the 9/11 attacks on the United States by militants and is buried at a large tomb in the valley.
When the Taliban took power in late 1996, Atta Noor served as a commander in the Northern Alliance under Ahmad Shah Massoud. He led operations in the Balkh area.