Ahmad Shah Masoud

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Afghan leader of forces opposed to the Taliban


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The Taliban's policies caused different Afghan factions to ally with the Tajik core of the antiTaliban opposition--the ousted President Rabbani, Ahmad Shah Masoud, and their ally in the Herat area, Ismail Khan.
The Alliance suffered a major setback on September 9, 2001 (two days before, and possibly a part of, the September 11 attacks), when Ahmad Shah Masoud was assassinated by Al Qaeda operatives posing as journalists.
The 1992-96 Tajik-led Kabul administration under Borhanuddin Rabbani and his military chief Ahmad Shah Masoud did not succeed in its attempts to broaden its base.
The current two-way military conflict in Afghanistan pits the Pashtun-dominated Taliban movement, which controls most of the country, against the Tajik-led Northern United Front (UF) headed by former President Borhanuddin Rabbani and his military chief Ahmad Shah Masoud. The Taliban's stated policy is to disarm the opposition and unify the country in a strong central government under its leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, the self-styled "Amir-ul-Momenin." The United Front wants to force the Taliban into a vaguely defined power-sharing arrangement that stresses regional autonomy.
Although the core of Ahmad Shah Masoud's army has some elements of the former 5th Corps in Parwan-Kapisa and the 6th Corps in the north, it is essentially a heterogeneous militia force, though it retains the original designations.
The dominant faction in the alliance is the armed forces of former defense minister Ahmad Shah Masoud, who is affiliated with the ousted President Borhanuddin Rabbani's Jam'iat-e Islami faction.
Fighting has resumed between forces of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban government and the rival Northern Alliance led by commander Ahmad Shah Masoud after several months of no hostilities, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported Wednesday.
Afghanistan is currently ruled by President Burhaneddin Rabbani, an ethnic Tajik, whose defence minister, Ahmad Shah Masoud, is also a Tajik.
Abdullah Abdullah, leader of the NCA; Atta Muhammad Noor, Governor of Balkh province; Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq, leader of the IPP; Abdul Rasheed Dostum, head of the Junbesh Milli Party (JMP); Salahuddin Rabbani(Son of the slain former president Rabbani), acting head of the Jameyat Party (JP); Amrullah Saleh, former Director of the National Directorate of Security (NDS); Ahmad Zia Massood (yonger brother of Late Ahmad Shah Masoud and former Vice President with Karzai during his first term), head of the NFP; and Muhammad Younus Qanooni, a member of the JP, were some of the prominent political leaders signed the agreement to form the alliance.
A clash took place between the two communities on September 9, 1012 when a car in procession of Tajiks commemorating the September 9, 2001, death of their historic leader Ahmad Shah Masoud ran over a Hazara bicyclist.
At the same time, Russian Defence Minister Igor Sergeyev meets with Afghan military commander Ahmad Shah Masoud, who heads a coalition of forces fighting against the Taliban.