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a Loloish language


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samaru saramu "to strive for (something), "to endeavor, to strive (for something), to pursue, to plot" to apply oneself (to something), to exert one's influence (upon somebody or on behalf of somebody), to be concerned" si-ri-im-ma kipidma hantis supra "apply yourself and think hard, and write me quickly." (38) ahka la tanaddi si-ri-im-ma susiiassu "do not delay, apply yourself and get him released." (39) u-sa-am-mar umisam ana hulluq mat [.sup.d]Assur "every day he endeavors to ruin Assyria." (40)
The mayor of Kumihama in Kyoto Prefecture, Mitsuyoshi Yoshioka, plans to take about 20 Kumihama townspeople to remote Yao, Ahka and Karen villages in the northern Thai province Chiang Rai to demonstrate life without electricity.
The 13-year-old was carrying a Russian BZM-52; the 17-year-old had an AK-47, the standard Russian weapon of the Nicaraguan Army, known to everyone as an Ahka. Francisco, the younger one, was eager to be liked and seemed almost ready to ask me for a candy bar.