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a Loloish language


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31 Comparacion Glosa nombre' Muisca hika que parecen tener relacion de Uwa ahka congnacion, en el uwa, se Bari ?
38) ahka la tanaddi si-ri-im-ma susiiassu "do not delay, apply yourself and get him released.
The mayor of Kumihama in Kyoto Prefecture, Mitsuyoshi Yoshioka, plans to take about 20 Kumihama townspeople to remote Yao, Ahka and Karen villages in the northern Thai province Chiang Rai to demonstrate life without electricity.
Javier, the senior authority, has been practicing with his Ahka for two years and hopes someday to become a carpenter.
k/hk: aka ~ ka 'nombre' / ahka 'diente', ch/hch: iche '(el) dijo ' / ihche '(el) punzo'