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United States professional baseball player who hit more home runs than Babe Ruth (born in 1934)

(Old Testament) elder brother of Moses and first high priest of the Israelites

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Founded in 2012, by award-winning Creative Director Aharon Cagle, Loreful is an independent game development and entertainment studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
7) Aharon Barak, the Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court and one of the editors of Israeli Constitutional Law in the Making, declared extrajudicially that these laws had ushered in a "constitutional revolution" in Israel.
As intensas sensacoes fisicas orientam a saida para a superficie de fragmentos de lembranca, fato esse que marcara, artisticamente, a obra de Aharon Appelfeld e sobretudo esse livro, que nao e um testemunho classico, mas o desvelamento de um processo formativo, pois a tragedia nao foi vivida pelo adulto que racionaliza, abstrai, classifica, mas pela crianca dominada pelas emocoes.
Aharon Barak is the former President of the Israeli Supreme Court who, having returned to the realm of academics, has recently turned much of his scholarly attention to issues of judicial discretion and constitutional review.
In this new volume, however, author Aharon Zorea, although he strives to consider a variety of perspectives, reveals an underlying conservative Catholic viewpoint that is especially disappointing in what purports to be a balanced presentation of differing views on birth controls history and controversies.
The whole idea was to create meetings between the film students and the rest of Israel, the wider community," says Ori Aharon, 25, the project's director.
It said the prisoners' representatives met on Monday with the head of the prison authority, Aharon Franco, who told them that the committee has concluded its work and that the final answer to the prisoners' demands will be given in 10 days.
SOAKING up the LA lifestyle - complete with his very own yacht and a California dream house - life couldn't have been sweeter for Scots musician Aharon Curtis.
Head of Teva's Innovative Ventures, Aharon Schwartz, said that this investment is part of Teva's strategy to expand its branded activities into specialty therapeutic areas, such as oncology.
Aharon Appelfeld crafts out of the depths of unfathomable tragedy a renewal of life and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.
Israel's envoy to the UN in Geneva, Aharon Leshno Yaar, however, defended his government's blockade on the coastal enclave, and said the military was acting legally when it raided the ship, leading to fatalities and injuries on Monday.
Aharon Schwartz, vice president of Teva Innovative Ventures.
Aharon Sela, president of Camtek Asia, said that this strategic cooperation represented the start of a long-term partnership that will increase Camtek's business in Japan and enable the company to enter new market segments such as memory products, LED, CIS, 3-D integration, MEMS, compound semiconductor and automotive IC.
AHARON SHAKED, co-founder of online gambling giant 888.
For Aharon Levran, then one of Israel's highest ranking intelligence officers, Marwan was "worth every penny" the Israelis paid him to divulge Egypt's military secrets and provide an early warning of an enemy attack on Israel.