Agrostis canina

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common grass with slender stems and narrow leaves

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Selvi's survey of herbaceous communities surrounding the gas vents of six springs in Italy showed that these local grass communities have a consistent and homogeneous species composition, dominated by dense stands of Agrostis canina subsp.
The PI group consisted of plant introductions identified as Agrostis canina from the USDA National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS).
'Greenwich' velvet bentgrass (Agrostis canina L.) (Reg.
Number Cultivar Species Common name of plants Astoria Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 Bardot Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 SR7100 Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 9F7 Agrostis capillaris Colonial 6 Tiger Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 Providence Agrostis palustris Creeping 7 Penncross Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Cato Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Penn G1 Agrostis palustris Creeping 6 Penneagle Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Seaside II Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 SR1119 Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 EVM 99 Agrostis canina Velvet 6 SR7200 Agrostis canina Velvet 5 Kingstown Agrostis canina Velvet 5 Highland Agrostis castellana Dryland 10 Exeter Agrostis castellana Dryland 5 Table 2.
The four species commonly accepted as turfgrass types are Agrostis palustris--creeping bentgrass (2n = 4x = 28), Agrostis canina L.--velvet bentgrass (2n = 2x = 14).