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Asterix and Agropyron elongatum L) were selected as materials for determination of resilience under saline and alkaline conditions.
SCAR marker tagged to the alien leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 uniquely marking the Agropyron elongatum-derived gene Lr24 in wheat: a revision.
Diagnostic taxa: Aegilops triuncialis, Agropyron cristatum subsp.
However, Convolvulus arvensis, Cynodon dactylon, Agropyron repenc, Chenopodium album and Setaria viridis were the most commonly occurring species, dominating the weed population in the experimental site (Table 8).
The effects of competition with Agropyron repens and of nitrogen and water supply on the nitrogen content of Impatiens parviflora.
TABLA I ESPECIES PRESENTES DURANTE 1998, 1999 Y 2000 EN EL ESPARTILLAR DE LA RESERVA FEDERICO WILDERMUTH Y SU GRADO DE PERMANENCIA (CONSTANCIA) EN PARCELAS CON DIFERENTE HISTORIA DE FUEGO 1998 1999 Especies vf c A D A B C D Spartina argentinensis C4 p V V V V V V Sarcocornia ambigua C4 p II III II II N II Distichlis spicata C4 p III IV IV II IV II Heliotropium curassavicum C3 p III II I V IV II Iresine diffusa C3 p III II I I I I Agropyron scabrifolium C3 p 0 II 0 0 V II Nicotiana longiflora C3 p II I I I I 0 Ambrosia tenuifolia C3 p III II I III II I Pluchea sagitalis C3 p IV III II IV I II Pappophorum mucromulatum C4 p III II III II II I Eringium coronatum C3 p IV III IV IV IV II Sesuvium portulacastrum CAM p I II 0 II II I Chloris halophyla C4 p II II 0 I II I Cynodon sp.
lobata Leafy spurge Euphorbia esula Invasive and noxious Mile-a-minute weed Polygonum perfoliatum Invasive Multiflora rose Rosa multiflora Invasive Musk thistle, Carduus nutans Invasive and nodding thistle noxious Purple loosestrife Lythrum salicaria Noxious Quackgrass Agropyron repens Noxious Russian knapweed Acroptilon repens Invasive Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia Invasive Saltcedar Tamarix spp.
mollis, Cynodon dactylon, Dactylis glomerata, Agropyron repens, Festuca rubra, Poa lanuginosa, P.
Agropyron detatum, Agropyron caninum, Festuca ovina, Alopecurus gigantean, Dactylis glomerata, Pennisetum lanatum, P.
Also in Table 2 are several common grasses of steppe patches on south-facing slopes in the taiga of northeastern Asia: Agropyron boreale (Elymus alaskanus), Calamagrostis purpurascens, and Festuca lenensis (Permyakova, 1973; Khokhryakov and Shatkauskas, 1973; Yurtsev, 1982).
GP-806, PI 639887]), segments of chromosome 7E of Agropyron elongatum (Host) Beauv.
Mixed-grass prairie occurs on more mesic sites and low areas and can be dominated by Bouteloua gracilis, Stipa comata, Artemisia filifolia, and Agropyron smithii.
7 Ponderosa-Grassland Habitat Agropyron smithii 20.
These include common sea-lavender (Limonium vulgare), sea purslane (Halimione portulacoides), and the Poaceae Agropyron elongatum and Puccinellia festuciformis.
As reported in Tilman (1987), the high N addition treatment in these macroplots led to a doubling of plant biomass and the virtually complete dominance of the grasses Agropyron repens and Poa pratensis by the beginning of the experiment in 1989.