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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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Other agronomic contributions to higher cropland productivity include the more timely planting of crops made possible by mechanization and higher plant populations per hectare, the latter applying particularly to corn.
Agronomics are getting better for the very high oleic suns, and the resulting oils have virtually no linolenic acid and do not require hydrogenation for high oxidative stability.
Agronomics, which was formerly called Port Erin Biopharma Investments Ltd, expects to issue new new ordinary shares at 5 pence per share.
SiteOne said All Pro adds significant expertise in agronomics and erosion control to its existing irrigation, nursery and landscape lighting businesses in the metro NY market.
13, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported on a secret video recording that Natural State Agronomics, owned by Ken Shollmier, made of a March meeting between him and Roman.
Agronomic products topped the list of agricultural exports with 62.4 percent share in terms of volume, followed by horticultural products (22.9 percent) and livestock (11.8 percent), the official added.
- Our stance on the fertilizer producers is unchanged (Buy on EFERT, Fatima; U/P on FFC, FFBL) though we foresee weak agronomics and commodity cycle having a negative impact on the margins of the firms in CY16.
Valley Agronomics is a partnership between Valley Wide Cooperative and WinField Solutions LLC, a Land O'Lakes company.
In addition, agronomics data of African eggplant (number of fruits per plant, marketable yield, fruit weight, fruits shape and fruit color) were collected.
* Improve smallholders agronomics practices & the soy value chain
Following that period, a constant increase of 1.9 bu [ac.sup.-1] per year was established, in part due to mechanization, as well as improved agronomics and genetics.
In her ceremony speech, Susie Spindler, managing director for the Cup of Excellence, agreed with the university team to partner the Cup of Excellence with Vicosa's state of the art agronomics education, in order to complete the circle of coffee knowledge available to the farmers and students.
Antoine Messean of the French Agronomics Institute INRA insisted "we need local tools to monitor and follow up the effects of GMOs.
Agronomics engineer, promoted from ranks of UJC cadres and with 20 years of experience in Party work in Villa Clara province.