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of or relating to or promoting agronomy


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He had a degree In Agriculture Systems Technology and started his career with an agronomic company.
cc/M6XA-RYTB; Reuters, Monsanto to Buy Asgrow Agronomics Unit, N.
During proof of concept, new promising lines developed by the CGIAR centers during the discovery stage were tested by national research partners in target countries to select varieties with superior agronomic and nutrition traits compared to existing varieties [10].
Valley Agronomics LLC plans to build a fertilizer distribution and retail center on a portion of the former FMC site west of Pocatello, Idaho.
It was announced recently that with the cooperation of the Food Machinery Company and the Power County Development Corporation, Valley Agronomics will construct and maintain a fertilizer retail center and distribution warehouse on the Superfund site--the first step in redevelopment and reclamation of the area known as the Eastern Michaud Flats.
Tyton's energy tobacco technology combines advancements in plant sciences, agronomics, and processing to produce cost- competitive sugars, oils, proteins and other green chemicals at high profits.
Some control over BSR in the physical form such as agronomics practices surgery soil mounding and sanitation in existing planting and at replanting (Idris 2011).
In this regard, cited researchers identified 404 articles related to techniques relating to diverse areas like engineering, medicine, chemistry, biology, agronomics, etc.
The company focuses on two-way traceability through the supply chain and monitors how agronomics translate to final cup quality.
Row spacing and line spacing are agronomics practices those determine the spatial distribution of a plant population structure affecting canopy structure light interception radiation use efficiency and biomass production (Eberbach and Pala 2005).
Commenting on the Allana/ICL strategic alliance, Stefan Borgas, president and CEO of ICL, said, "The Danakhil mine will provide potash for Ethiopia and Africa, and, combined with ICL's agronomics f ertilization know-how, will enable local farmers to increase agricultural output and food for the region .
Basically this is a genetic character but may also be affected by the environmental conditions and agronomics practices.