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a large-scale farming enterprise

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Furthermore, the boom in commodity prices in the 2000s placed Brazilian agrobusiness as the country's main contributor to GDP.
Custom farming and its integration into the agrobusiness model: production and services in the Pampa region
It played a major role in fostering economic growth in the state, particularly in strategic economic sectors including agrobusiness, industrial development, property, and logistics.
Political inertia has the potential to greatly hurt this economy that is composed of competitive multinationals (in the energy, agrobusiness, construction and aviation sectors), extraordinary natural resources and a large population with a growing middle class.
(2.) School of Agrobusiness in Lomza, Lomza, Poland
Contudo, note-se que essa preocupacao original de Beck acaba por sobredeterminar seus estudos posteriores, de modo que, ainda que ele tenha refletido e escrito sobre problemas urbanos e a emergencia de movimentos sociais, seu aparato teorico ainda e, essencialmente, aquele pensado para enfrentar questoes como a possibilidade das catastrofes nucleares, o aquecimento global e o envenenamento dos ecossistemas e da saude humana pelo agrobusiness (e, mais recentemente, questoes bem peculiares como a do terrorismo).
In an initial step, it was used six fungal strains from the Microorganisms Collection for Tropical Agrobusiness Interest (CMIAT), belonging to Embrapa Agroindustria Tropical (Fortaleza, Brazil).
Apart from isolated exceptions, there has also been a decrease in agriculture and agrobusiness. Today the country imports around 65 percent of its food products and manufactured goods despite the important investments made by the government in the countryside, including debt relief and equipment purchases.
"The structure of food import in Macedonia mostly includes products that are not produced in Macedonia, such as chocolate, coffee and other products," said Ognen Orovcanec from the AgroBusiness Chamber.
In December 2012, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly left the tribal capital of Window Rock, Arizona, for a trip to Israel that was part religious pilgrimage, part agrobusiness diplomacy.
Hopefully, farmers and agrobusiness companies will sign contracts and agreements for equipment deliveries directly with manufacturers.
The relationship between macro-variables (e.g., agrobusiness, poverty, statistics on violence, etc.) is meaningful when interpreted as the manifestation of local modes of operation (i.e., socio-economic alliances and patterns of violence).