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a large-scale farming enterprise

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AMA Agricultural Industries was among the agrobusiness sites Shelly visited in December, 2012, while touring Israel.
7%) and agrobusiness, leather and shoes industries with 0.
This process includes the choice of decisions about agrobusiness strategy and technology, technological operations and production quality management, resources distribution etc.
The abandoning of the Soviet economic model affected directly agricultural and forestry practices--collective and state farms were dismantled, land reform was carried out, subsidies for agrobusiness were substantially reduced, large forest areas were returned to former private owners, and extensive melioration works were stopped.
InVivo is an Union of Cooperatives, operating in the seed, agrobusiness and feed industries as well as in grain storage and trading business and in specialised home garden distribution.
In comments a few days after the announcement, Lula said he thought the reaction had been exaggerated, and attacked those who had rushed to condemn agrobusiness for destroying the Amazon, saying rather cryptically, "It's as if you went to the doctor with a small tumor, and instead of doing a biopsy to find out how to treat it, you went out saying you had cancer.
Both NUR and ISAE have weak linkages with the farming and agrobusiness sector.
Yet, during these exchanges, the workers from both countries discovered that they had been facing similar working conditions established by the same multinational agrobusiness companies.
Professeur/chercheur a l'Universite Estadual do Oeste do Parana (UNIOESTE)/Campus de Toledo, Bresil; chercheur au Groupe de recherche en developpement regional et agrobusiness (GEPEC)/UNIOESTE, Bresil; chercheur associe au Groupe de recherche et d'intervention regionale (GRIR)/UQAC.
National treatment" envisages equal treatment for nationals and non-nationals--whether they are poor farmers or large agrobusiness or industrial firms.
O agrobusiness brasileiro gira essencialmente em torno do setor agroexportador, caracteristica que marca o Brasil desde sua descoberta.
But for her communities, Miranda says, "PATH is a way of individualizing property to include the entire country and allow open-pit mining, hydrocarbon exploitation, exploitative large-scale agrobusiness, and tourism.
Part of the TRT's strategy is an explicit focus on upgrading specific, targeted industries: Thailand is to become a world center for software design, the Detroit of Asia, the world's leading tropical fashion designer, Asia's tourism capital, and a giant in agrobusiness such as sugar.
They are supplying pesticides and seed to agrobusiness, sweatshops and "ant selling" to small farmers.
As intense capitalist accumulation promoted by the military dictatorship, especially in the late 1960s and 1970s, encouraged foreign capital investment and export-driven agrobusiness, "national security" considerations added to the pressure to shrink lands reserved for the Xavante and other indigenous populations.