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a city in northern India

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It may be recalled that former chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry had taken suo motu notice of the misuse of agro farmlands and in 2013 the apex court directed the CDA to restore all the 504 farmhouses to the status of agriculture land.
King Agro has headquarters in Valencia, Spain and a production facility in Campana, Argentina.
Further, a dedicated berth for food and agro imports and exports, together with other world-class facilities available at the port, our ideal location, and great potential to establish related businesses in the adjacent free zone will no doubt be an attractive proposition for potential investors at the expo," Geilenkirchen added.
After completing the initial phases of test firing of biomass based pellets, NTPC has invited bids to supply 1,000 metric tonnes per day of agro residue based fuel (500 metric tonnes per day of agro residue pellets and 500 metric tonnes per day of torrefied agro residue based pellets or briquettes)," a company spokesperson said.
Agro clean @ 4% recorded lower population of whitefly i.
Akhliseh Sahu, Director HL Agro said "Our Agri business cherishes the long-term aspiration of delivering the unadulterated range of agricultural products.
Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director & CMO, Parle Agro said, "Over the years, Parle Agro has continued to solidify its position within the Indian Beverage market.
I can assure that most of the agro food industries in the country have upgraded their safety measures and for this reason there is no excuse to complicate our exports to other countries," the minister said at a conference on the National Day for Agro Food Industries at BIEL.
Agro tourism is very important for rural communities as well as for urban areas.
We have been keenly following the growing demand for quality agro based products in emerging markets," said Adnan Ul Mulk, Vice-Chairman, Mulk Holdings.
Zitoprerada is a market leader in Europe for agro processing and distribution, with 40 per cent market share of East Europe's sunflower oil and agro products markets like corn, wheat, wheat flour, soya meal, soya oil and soya flour.
Islamabad -- The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TDAP), Agro Food Division, has geared up by the SM Muneer, Chief Executive TDAP and Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, in order to give great focus on the export of Agro Food sectors including kinnow, mango, rice, meat and seafood products.
Agro-projects (agriculture-based projects) are no exception, whereby most of these risks had negative effects towards every entrepreneur's agro project.
Following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed between Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Maritime City to set up an integrated Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) manufacturing facility in the UAE, both parties signed definitive agreements to formally commence the transaction.
1])-- Pastagem Agro 6003 3050 5072 263 Conv 6587 - 5792 852 CE Agro 5391 2535 4285 263 Conv 6587 - 5792 952 LF CE Agro 1755 834 1409 156 Conv 2340 - 1624 719 EL Agro 612 515 787 435 --Composicao estrutural do capim elefante (%)-- LF CE Agro 50,95 14,85 20,50 77,45 Conv 40,30 - 35,15 68,95 CO+BA Agro 36,05 50,85 52,70 14,80 CE Conv 48,65 - 25,55 18,65 MM CE Agro 12,95 34,35 26,80 7,80 Conv 11,00 - 39,30 12,40 --Forragem presente na entrelinha (%)-- AZ Agro 44,95 52,25 56,00 - TV Agro 27,75 17,15 18,75 61,60 MM EL Agro 14,15 20,35 12,00 23,25 Paspalum Agro - - - - Outras Agro 15,65 10,20 13,25 14,85 --Pastejos-- Parametro Sistema 5(20/jan) 6(14/fev) 7(18/mar) --Massa de forragem (kg de MS [ha.