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Roman general who commanded the fleet that defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium (63-12 BC)

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Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa, two alchemists of the time, claimed to know how to create a homunculus--a miniature, living man.
Shapung's partner Agrippa Mpofu, 34, found his family "asleep" in each other's arms at their North Shields home on January 1, having returned from a party.
Hayley Smith, as the rampaging landlady Agrippa, looks right with her low-cut tops, and miniskirts but does not have the vocal power to do the role justice.
And the particular content of the definition confirms that we are meant to regard the image as a television "broadcast" in real time; her "night-robe" indicates that Geraldine reads at the same midnight hour in which Surrey and Agrippa meet:
Among specific features are the pedestal of Agrippa, the sanctuary of Panion, ancient roads, Mycenaean well, and the gallery of the slopes of the Acropolis.
Montaigne, Agrippa von Nettesheim, Campanella, Pico della Mirandola, and Giordano Bruno were brilliant, and seminal intellectuals such as Leon Battista Alberti (in art history), Macchiavelli (in political history), Melanchthon (in theological speculation) were cornerstones of their respective disciplines.
During Saul's Christian defence before King Agrippa, Festus said he had gone mad.
This new edition provides corrections to the previous one, but is also an ambitious update of Jean-Raymond Fanlo's ongoing researches on Agrippa d'Aubigne.
Spokeswoman Ann-Marie Agrippa said: "We are so pleased the money is going to such good use and we wish all the best to Capricorn.
speculates, "at the hand of Herod Agrippa shortly after the death of James, the brother of John" (248)--the vast bulk of the tradition favoring Rome and the 60s notwithstanding (see J.
The setting is, of course, ancient Rome and the plot is that Our Hero, Agrippa, has a dad who did not, it appears, come to praise Caesar but to bump him off.
Unlike another of Shakespeare's soldiers, Henry V, Coriolanus cannot bring himself to kowtow to the people of Rome, despite the counsel of his best friend, Agrippa, played to the cerebral hilt by Mitchell Edmonds.
His portrait, painted in 1824 during the Marquis' triumphant return visit to America, is on view as well as a portrait of Agrippa Hull, a free black who served as an orderly for Polish nobleman General Thaddeus Kosciusko, Washington's chief engineer.
In his De incertitudine, was the famous magical thinker Agrippa attacking only the "bastard" forms of occultism, as opposed to the higher, spiritual forms?
The brief reconstitution of a jurisdiction ruled by a Herodian monarch, Agrippa I, from 37 C.