Agrimonia eupatoria

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erect perennial Old World herb of dry grassy habitats


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Previous results demonstrated that an aqueous extract of Agrimonia eupatoria exhibited a prominent free radical-scavenging effect against DPPH radical [3, 15, 16] and also against ABTS radical cation [17].
In our ongoing work, we characterized Agrimonia eupatoria hydroalcoholic extracts and proved that they have pronounced antioxidant activity against reactive species, mainly due to specific flavonoids and/or condensed tannins, identified as flavonol, flavone, and flavan-3-ol derivatives [21, 22].
Agrimonia eupatoria has shown an increase in cover along altitudinal gradient because this is not a fodder species and is adapted from partially shaded to sunny condition [42].
Kakhp ai/Sumb al Adiantaceae Agrimonia eupatoria L.
salicina community (Molinion) in including several xerophytes and mesoxerophytes, e.g., Primula veris, Polygala comosa, Carlina vulgaris, Agrimonia eupatoria. The moister S.
DIOLCH yn fawr i Dafydd Guto Ifan, Llanrug am ei lythyr cynhwysfawr yn cyfeirio at lysiau'r dryw (Agrimonia eupatoria) ac at y nifer o gyfeiriadau sydd wedi bod ato mewn gwahanol lyfrau Cymraeg dros y blynyddoedd.
Agrimonia Eupatoria (common agrimony), not uncommon.
DISGRIFIR Llysiau'r Dryw (Lladin: Agrimonia eupatoria) gan C.