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a town in Italy in southwestern Sicily near the coast


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Also in Agrigento province, firefighters rescued 14 people from a hotel in the town of Montevago, which was threatened by floodwaters from the Belice River.
Two more fatalities occurred in the region around the Sicilian town of Agrigento when the car they were travelling in was hit by a landslide, another official said.
Across the island, in the town of Cammarata, near Agrigento, the fire department said its divers were working to recover the bodies of two people swept away while driving on a road near the flooding Saraceno River.
State TV also said two people were killed by the storm in the outskirts of Agrigento, a Sicilian tourist town famed for its ancient Greek temples.
Perfect for those wishing to explore ancient wonders, Agrigento is one of Sicily's most impressive archaeological spots - a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, explore ancient Greek Valley of the Temples ruins.
The second edition contains new chapters on the site of Poseidonia (Paestum) in Magna Graecia (Southern Italy), and the unusual temple of Zeus at Akragas (Agrigento) in Sicily.
Lead author Davide Tanasi from the University Of South Florida in Tampa, US conducted chemical analysis of residue on unglazed pottery found at the Copper Age site of Monte Kronio in Agrigento, located off the southwest coast of Sicily.
The unglazed pottery was found at a Copper Age archaeological site at Monte Kronio, in the province Agrigento on the western coast of the Italian island of Sicily.
One red hat instead went to Archbishop Francesco Montenegro of Agrigento, Sicily, who heads the Italian bishops' commission on migration, an issue of particular importance to Francis.
Tal qual na pintura de Caspar Fridrich, The Temple of Juno in Agrigento, de c.
Lampedusa is the largest of the three small islands in the province of Agrigento, Sicily.
ROMA (CyHAN)- The Italian coast guard on Friday spotted the bodies of two migrants at sea off the Sicilian city of Agrigento, ANSA news agency reported.
Portolano, who was born in Agrigento, Italy, in 1960, is married with two children.