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the federal department that administers programs that provide services to farmers (including research and soil conservation and efforts to stabilize the farming economy)

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A spokesman of the agriculture department said on Wednesday that the exhibition's prime purpose was to promote the advanced mechanization and educate farming community that how to make use of high-tech machines at farm level.
Mahmood says that an extensive campaign against adulterated and spurious pesticides since September 2016 has been launched by agriculture department and worth of many million rupees adulterated pesticides banned until now.
She directed the pest warning and extension wings of agriculture department to collaborate with the industry and launch a massive drive for the success of off season management plan.
He was speaking at a biannual performance review meeting held at the Mango Research Institute where divisional and district heads of the Agriculture Department Multan Division were present.
He appreciated the agriculture department for organising such a mega event.
The record further revealed that Shahzad Riaz received cash payment and generated invoices on the names of growers and claimed huge subsidy from the government, evidently in connivance with the 03 directors of Sindh Agriculture Department officials.
Seed certification inspector Rakesh Lochan was dismissed Thursday by the agriculture department after the bribe allegations.
Agriculture Department Punjab also graced the occasion.
Coloma said the agriculture department must also inform COA of the actions it will take to address such findings.
CHARIKAR (PAN): After detaining two militants in central Parwan province, locals asked the Taliban their colleagues would be released if they surrendered the killers of agriculture department officials.
Official sources told APP on Saturday here the provincial agriculture department had initiated a training programme for the paddy growers.
Summary: Italian fishing boats must respect LibyA s protected fishing area (ZPE) and the country's laws regarding access to its waters, reads a note from the Fishing and Agriculture department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Woodland Policies.
This year we have SB448, which would create an Agriculture Department that would have a wide variety of farmers making up more than half of its board.
An official told Congress that the food-inspection arm of the Agriculture Department has sent a proposed rule to the White House Office of Management and Budget that would allow food-safety officials to tell consumers which markets, stores and other retail outlets received potentially contaminated meat and poultry.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on the extension of a contract under which experts from the county agriculture department will attack the arundo that has invaded the river in Soledad Canyon and in San Francisquito Creek, a tributary of the Santa Clara.
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