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Synonyms for agricultural

Synonyms for agricultural

relating to rural matters

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To that end, conversations revealed that while the agriculturalists and traditionalists are acculturated into contemporary society and use modern weather and climate information, they still hold tightly to culturally important ways of knowing about and being in the world and the importance of place-based insights, and are keen observers of their local environments.
Escalating food prices, greater consumption of animal proteins, and the corresponding growth in demand for better hay for cattle feed, are also prompting agriculturalists to resort to plant health improvement agents, said Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry Analyst Dr.
In order to be successful, urban agriculturalists must differentiate their products from commercial-scale products and convince customers that their products have added value.
As space agriculturalists, we really want to know that when we move to the moon, when we move to Mars, which don't have the same amount of gravity that we have, can we still grow plants?
The agriculturalists have complained that after granting MFN status to India the local markets would be flooded with Indian goods, which will be cheaper because of low input cost in India.
Sixteen individuals, considered by their peers to be future rural leaders in Wales, spent two days meeting some of the Continent's most influential politicians and agriculturalists at the European Parliament in Brussels.
brainhaldorf: Some 19th century agriculturalists discouraged attempts at machinemilking, believing it unnatural and intrinsically injurious to the cow.
The diverse advocacy and media coverage of GM over the past five years, however, has created a very unclear picture of what GM is and does; and what scientists and agriculturalists are trying to achieve.
Tube well irrigation is fast becoming a 'dream' for agriculturalists because of the high price of fuel needed to power them.
Yiftach Bar-Asher, who heads the Katif Center for the Study of Coastal Deserts, will give a lecture on the contribution of agriculturalists in Sinai and Gush Katif to agriculture in Israel and the world.
Agriculturalists can enter into a contract for a minimum of five years and qualify for yearly payments of up to EUR283 per hectare during the conversion period.
The package gives agriculturalists the most affordable calls rates to all networks during their busy work hours to ensure they get the best value for their money.
But early agriculturalists experienced nutritional deficiencies and had a harder time adapting to stress, probably because they became dependent on particular food crops, rather than having a more significantly diverse diet.
The applications are evaluated by a competent panel of Agriculturalists, Accountants, and Marketing Consultants from the Private and Public sectors.
23 -- The promoters of Ratnagiri Impex who have been working with agriculturalists for several years understand the varied needs of farmers and Agrimart, their retail arm selling equipment from global manufacturers along with warehousing and service areas aims at increasing farm efficiency.
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