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a wheeled vehicle with large wheels

a truck that has a cab but no body

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The Safer Roads Partnership, Warwickshire and West Mercia police forces said farmers were busy harvesting crops - seeing more agricultural vehicles on the road.
The guidance system can navigate an agricultural vehicle following both straight and curved rows accurately at a speed up to 3.
The driver of the agricultural vehicle was uninjured.
McCormick can trace its roots as an agricultural vehicle manufacturer back to the early 19th century.
In recent years, it has extended its technologies and products to industrial markets, including construction and agricultural vehicles, truck and bus, and military.
We appreciate that it can be frustrating for motorists who are driving on the same roads as these large agricultural vehicles but we would urge you to remain patient.
Lot 2 - supply of new tires for agricultural vehicles and engines with related service 64 000 EUR (including VAT).
NFU Cymru's Crops Group has welcomed news that the union's lobbying has successfully secured exemptions for agricultural vehicles from unnecessary MOT testing following a vote by the European Parliament.
Titan, which recently came to the stock market and manufactures wheels for agricultural vehicles, said the acquisition will increase its share of the Australian agricultural and mining wheels market.
Targeted end-uses include seating for lawn and garden equipment, agricultural vehicles, personal watercraft, mopeds, and other off-road vehicles.
Called a Stan-Hitch,it provides a simple way to safely couple different implements to the front or rear of agricultural vehicles.
The addition of AutoFarm's OnTrac MDU allows grower self-installation on nearly all makes and models of agricultural vehicles in as little as 30 minutes with basic tools.
CLA's regional director in the North Dorothy Fairburn said: "Rules around the maximum speeds for agricultural vehicles on the road have not changed for 27 years and are outdated.
Lot 2: New tires for trucks, machinery and agricultural vehicles.
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