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a wheeled vehicle with large wheels

a truck that has a cab but no body

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And that is the motivation for our new suspended axle design, which will improve the productivity, comfort and safety of future generations of agricultural tractors and construction equipment vehicles."
The data were collected by performing dynamometric tests using two engines for the same John Deere agricultural tractor (model 6415), equipped with used John Deere diesel cycle engine (model 4045T, series 350), turbocharged with direct injection four cylinder and 4.5L of displaced volume.
Nguyen and Inaba (2011) determined vibration levels acting on an agricultural tractor, by varying the inflation pressure of the tires and the forward speed, using a single triaxial accelerometer, placed on the rear axle of the machine.
With the changing global nature of the agricultural tractor industry, the Nebraska legislature revised the law in 1986 allowing NTTL to test tractors according to either the Society of Automotive Engineers test codes or the test codes of OECD.
Supply of (a) two vehicles with electric telescopes mounted on them, (b) a water exhaustion truck, (c) one dump truck for public cleaning works, (d) a trailer for a pallet type agricultural tractor & (e) another trailer for an agricultural tractor pulling a water tank.
The oil was used to run an agricultural tractor owned by UI.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) one agricultural tractor equipped with a loader blade, also (b) other three agricultural tractors.
About 15 years ago, Clay says, the fastest agricultural tractor peaked at 20 miles (30 kilometers) per hour.
Larsen was recognized as an international authority on the measurement of agricultural tractor performance.
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