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a redistribution of agricultural land (especially by government action)

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Given the amount of nutrients entering the Bay as a consequence of agricultural production and the sizeable reductions that agricultural BMPs promise, many of the Bay's strongest advocates have been fighting for agricultural reforms for over two decades.
Gurung said the Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), a PWRDF partner, has expressed concern that the Sri Lankan government's post-tsunami reconstruction process is being implemented without any input from the victims.
The agenda would include economic and agricultural reform, and continued development of the oil and electricity sectors.
The ministry has explained that the policy change for the coffee sector is part of a new agricultural reform which seeks to restructure more than 30 different agricultural sub-sectors in Mexico into what is known as the "Product System," an integrated chain of dependents which is aimed at giving small producers a higher level of participation from the level of production through the value-added chain of processing, marketing and sales.
Goldman is correct when he says the Yeltsin government has been slow to move on the agricultural reform front.
After hearing about the recent Moscow International Book Fair, where dissident Soviet writers were invited to mingle with prominent Soviet censors, I can't help but wonder if Gorbachev is borrowing more than just agricultural reform from Hungary.
The main purpose of the study is to evaluate recent policy developments in the context of a broader review of policy developments since the implementation of the Agricultural Reform Implementation Project (ARIP) in 2001.
It is necessary to strengthen the legal framework for agricultural reform, further supporting entrepreneurship, development finance, increasing investment activity," he stressed.
The former allocated land distribution to the General Authority for Agricultural Reform, whilst the latter transferred responsibility to the Egyptian Endowments Authority and its cooperatives.
Approach: By strengthening the mandated Kenyan institutions, the programme supports Kenya s administrative structures in implementing agricultural reform and intensifying agricultural production.
In 2004, Brazil introduced the National Plan of Agricultural Reform with the aim to enhance and encourage small-scale productivity.
The agricultural reform is the first of five points that must be agreed in a peace deal and was seen a positive sign for the success of the broader talks, which are to resume June 11 with discussion of the political future of the rebels.
By Zeinab Saber - The Egyptian Gazette The way forwards is for certain articles in the Agricultural Reform Law to be amended.
Raul has made agricultural reform and increased food production a top priority since taking over for ailing brother Fidel Castro in 2008.
The Caretaker minister's reassurances came at his reception of green house owners at his Baalbeck office , he told them that his agricultural reform blueprint has just been launched and that all what mattered was to move in the right direction.
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