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a redistribution of agricultural land (especially by government action)

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Of this, 7% is given to the General Association for Agricultural Reform, 53% to the General Association for Agricultural Credit, 23% to the Principal Bank for Development & Agricultural Credit (PBDAC), and 17% to the General Association for Reclaimed Land.
General Manager of the ministry's Agricultural Reform Department GE-rsel KE-sek estimates the cost of arable land lost through partitioning among heirs is TL 17 billion (about $10 billion) annually.
The group said Law 3/1986 confirmed the land was in the possession of the Agricultural Reform Authority, which granted ownership of the land to the farmers.
A coherent package on agricultural reform can be a otrigger for others to make their own market-opening offers on industrial tariffs and services, notably those from middle income or emerging economy countries.
We would like to see a new, wider role for MAFF, charged not only with agricultural reform, -- including a re-think of the CAP -- but also no less a task than the regeneration and revitalisation of the economic life of the countryside.
The reasons behind this deficit in the agricultural trade balance lie, according to Ayeb, in the failure of the agricultural reform initiated in the 1990s.
The minister had three major priorities for the next 12 months: making further progress with agricultural reform in the next WTO round, making maximum possible use of new opportunities to pursue Labour's countryside policies through the Rural Development Regulation, and helping British farming through the deep and enduring fall in farm incomes.
19 Kyodo South Korean Unification Minister Kang In Duk said Friday his country is ready to assist in agricultural reform in North Korea if the North cooperates in resolving the issue of separated families.
Farmers told reporters that they are the victims of an illegal attempt to take over land which was given to them under the Agricultural Reform Law after the 1952 revolution.
58 million should help farmers in these areas adapt to the anticipated loss of income enlargement and agricultural reform will incur.
The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry also gave support to a plan to set up agricultural reform zones allowing private firms to engage in agricultural operations.
Approach: By strengthening the mandated Kenyan institutions, the programme supports Kenya s administrative structures in implementing agricultural reform and intensifying agricultural production.
Grain distribution co-operative GrainCo has racked up a massive 44pc increase in sales this year, but fears European agricultural reform could wreck its progress.
At a press conference in Washington on February 20, he said the EU's agricultural reform had to be recognised, not penalised.
Kawaguchi sought understanding from Zoellick about the difficulties faced by Japan in rapidly opening its farm market, saying Japan is now in the process of agricultural reform.
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