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a redistribution of agricultural land (especially by government action)

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A more complete analysis of agricultural reform under Gorbachev would be well served to consider not only the government's stated agenda but its actual effect on the economy as well.
In the discussion of Surtees, an "agricultural meeting in Hillingdon Hall serves as a form in which squire and farmer confer on agricultural reform" (111).
This legislative change has been characterized as Turkey's biggest-ever agricultural reform. These changes basically aim to prevent agricultural land from being divided by the portioning of inheritances and to combine agricultural plots together so that the minimum size requirement for such plots is met.
THE CLA has set out its vision for agricultural reform in Europe through its manifesto for the European Parliament elections.
"He [Mandela] succeeded in breaking up lots of restrictions politically, socially and humanly," Jumblatt added, not to mention Mandela's relentless efforts during his presidency to combat poverty, illiteracy and promote agricultural reform and health care services.
The strikers are demanding better public transit, health and education services, agricultural reform and a reduced work week.
The first is the agricultural reform, through which nearly six million hectares of land, pastures and forests were removed from the large property and given to peasants, accounting for 1.400.000 individuals who received plots of land.
By Zeinab Saber - The Egyptian Gazette The way forwards is for certain articles in the Agricultural Reform Law to be amended.
Fleming and her fellow farmers want viewers to join them in lobbying Congress and Uncle Sam for agricultural reform. As narrator, she notes that 400 million acres of farmland will change hands in the next two decades.
And, to my mind, the Doha Round remains an opportunity for vital agricultural reform," believes Lamy.
"A group of armed men have launched an armed attack against an Iraqi Army checkpoint in west Mosul's Agricultural Reform district, killing one soldier and wounding another soldier and a civilian," the security source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
ADFCA's agricultural reform is aimed at sustainability and development of the sector in its entirety," he pointed out.
It seeks agricultural reform to provide land and structural support--credit, education, and market access-for rural landless people.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Monday asked his Cabinet members to speed up preparations for Japan's efforts to further liberalize its trade, making a plan to launch a headquarters for the promotion of agricultural reform by the end of November.
Here he narrows the geographical scope to his native Mississippi and discusses the search for a staple crop; the evolution of Petit Gulf cotton; the formative period of agriculture; the 1837-49 depression and the agricultural reform movement; livestock and livestock breeding; corn as the principle food crop; minor food crops; Mississippi cotton breeders; cotton production during the depression; and prosperity, technological progress, and secession.
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