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the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition

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In this article, we explore an institutional foundation of agricultural protectionism in Japan, a country long recognized as resisting international pressures to open up its rice market.
Our complaint is closely linked to agricultural protectionism, a contentious issue in both regional and multilateral trade negotiations.
He said: "Europe should indicate that when it comes to review its budget and its agricultural policies the essential element of both will be a radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and a timetable to end all forms of agricultural protectionism.
Agricultural protectionism is not news, but even by the generous standards of American farm subsidies, cotton handouts are something special.
He said: "None of us are fully open about the effects of agricultural protectionism.
Craig describes himself as a 'free marketeer', and at a public meeting in London last year he didn't mince his words about the need for the European Union and the USA to end their agricultural protectionism.
The biggest stumbling block to a comprehensive free trade accord will be agricultural protectionism.
The writers give examples of agricultural protectionism on both sides of the U.
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