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Actively integrate the Internet into the development of agricultural industry, promote the network and information construction of agricultural industry, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of agricultural industry, the development of agricultural industry has the significance of the times.
Our vision is to be the "most trusted analytical laboratory in the Ag industry." EPL BAS serves the global agricultural industry by analyzing feed and food ingredients, organic products, genetically enhanced crops, bio-pesticides, plants, algae, plant protection agents and crop chemicals.
Consequently, with the shift away from understanding production within the agricultural industry, consumers are uninformed or misinformed about their relationship with the food system (Thomson & Kelvin).
"Muchow's diverse and extensive background in the agricultural industry make him the perfect candidate to advise and oversee Universal Capital's interest in the fertilizer project," said Michael Queen, CEO of Universal Capital Management.
"Whilst there are no quick wins or easy solutions, large estates, particularly those which are either publicly owned or with a public interest, need to focus more on what they can do to assist entry into and progression through the agricultural industry."
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in March stressed the necessity for the further development and advancement of Iran's agricultural industry.
Every county in Oregon has an agricultural industry; Marion County's is the biggest, with sales in 2011 totaling $616 million.
Mr Roberts, of Llanrhaedr, Denbigh, said: "I have always been keen to secure a position within the agricultural industry in North Wales that will challenge me.
Show secretary Penny Poulter said securing the backing of businesses with strong links with the agricultural industry was vital to the success of the event.
It is intended to improve communication between researchers and agricultural industry stakeholders, and inform the wider community about the challenges faced by farmers affected by climate change.
The Agriculture & Rural Affairs Ministry made public the 2010-2014 strategic plan for agricultural industry.
Summary: <p>Lebanese Farmers Syndicate President Antoine Hwayek Tuesday criticized successive post-1989 governments for failing to adopt reliable strategies capable of maintaining a profitable agricultural industry in Lebanon.Aa"The agricultural industry has never been a top priority for the various governments that came after the Taif Accord," he said.
It would seem ironic that just as the agricultural industry mourns the loss of the Royal Show, in its final year due to falling visitor numbers, ticket sales have spiralled.
Billingham-based John Baarda is setting an example in the agricultural industry by growing crops all year round from greenhouses which use waste heat and carbon dioxide from local industry, to produce high yields of salad.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-3 October 2007-Swedish agricultural industry group Lantmannen sells laboratory business to Eurofins Group(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
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