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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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016), were considered as the most important threats to the privatization of agricultural extension services.
Rural women farmers have various channels of communication through which they receive advice on agricultural production matters, namely agricultural extension officer or agent, friend, relative, meeting house and church.
Alcorn joins Extension as agricultural economist; he will become third director of California Agricultural Extension Service in 1956
To continue working as an Extension agent--and be eligible for similar positions in Extension throughout Colorado--Brenda needed a graduate degree, so she decided to pursue her master's in Agricultural Extension Education from CSU.
Consequently, the DCF approach fails to adequately address the assessment of growth opportunities or strategic alternatives arising from investments in large-scale agricultural extension projects.
The extension unit of the agricultural extension organization has a great calling to realize the promoted objectives and the farming expansion.
This problem is further compounded by the lack of agricultural extension officers (39.
Presentations and discussions concentrated on current realities and challenges, particularly those affecting smallholder farmers and the agricultural extension professionals who serve them.
This committee "will help intensify and better organize operations and actions of technical support destined to farmers and breeders, from the 14 national institutes including the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA), National Institute of Forest Research (INRF), the Technical Institute of Great Cultures (ITGC) and National Institute of Agricultural Extension (INVA), the ministry said.
It relies on the coordinated efforts of teachers, custodians, food service staff, school administrators, pest management professionals, agricultural extension staff, regulators, architects, and parents to reduce pesticide risk in schools.
Papers presented in this volume are from an Indian national conference held in 2004 on alternative extension approaches, and examine the different aspects of developments in agricultural extension.
ASEAN agriculture ministers said in a joint statement that they endorsed nine new capacity-building projects proposed by the three non-ASEAN countries, covering food standards, bird flu control, plant quarantine, agricultural statistical analysis, post-harvest management, and agricultural extension.
Outreach programs for different target groups will raise public support for the Protected Area and lessons learned will be mainstreamed into the government's agricultural extension service and its tourism and development strategy for the region.
You can do this through private companies, university labs, or the state agricultural extension service.
Your local agricultural extension agent should be able to help you develop a feeding program to achieve desired weight gains.
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