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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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Agricultural extension is the responsibility of the Deputy of Agriculture, while agricultural research falls under the deputy of planning at the Ministry of Agriculture.
The devolution of agricultural extension had a second unintended negative effect, this time on the part of the DA Bureaus and the Regional Offices.
Agricultural extension approaches that deliver timely, targeted, and cost-effective support to farmers will help ensure the sustainability and adaptive capacity of agriculture worldwide, increasing productivity while minimizing associated environmental impacts.
For production of dates in Pakistan, small-scale farmers who used the agricultural extension services produced a better yield compared to that of the medium- and large-scale farmers (Baloch & Thapa, 2016).
1.4 Relevance of evaluation to Agricultural Extension system
The paper begins with a review of literature in this area to uncover various causes of the failure of the systems of agricultural extension. Next, it presents the extension paradigms that emerged subsequently and their relevance to the changing agribusiness scenario.
Financial and economic crisis, governments budget cuts, poor performance of public extension programs, agricultural dependence to more specialized knowledge and technology, lock of defects and failure of the government extension programs, enhancing the quality of services and reduction in costs are basic reason for considering privatization of state agricultural extension services in different countries that is emphasized by authors such as Proost and Roling [23], Rivera and Cary [27], Chandra Shekara [4], Saravanan et al [30], fami et al [11], Dinpanah et al [7].
He pointed out that the primary role of the Ministry of Agriculture in the next phase will focus on research, agricultural extension and the application of controls and legislation on the sector.
It is hoped that the agricultural extension staff in KPK will be greatly benefited from the project in improving their knowledge and skill.
Honey production has declined tremendously over the past few years, says Allan William, an agricultural extension officer, reports (March 13, 2014).
New Delhi, Feb 6 ( ANI ): The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the implementation of the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (NMAET) during the 12th Plan period.
UC Agricultural Extension Service (later renamed 'Cooperative Extension') appoints farm advisors in Glenn, Solano, Stanislaus and Placer counties
This study was carried out in northwest Pakistan to analyse and compare agricultural extension services in the area over a period of two decades from 1986-87 to 2005-06.
In an agricultural extension project for example, criteria are acceptable or ideal behavior against which value decisions are made (Ajayi 2005).
In Ghana and other developing countries, agricultural extension has emerged as the main organisation dealing with human resource development with respect to technology transfer to farmers, farm families and workers.
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