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a wheeled vehicle with large wheels

a truck that has a cab but no body

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In 1975, OSHA attempted to address this problem by requiring ROPS on all agricultural tractors larger than 20 hp and manufactured after October 25, 1976.
The loaders and equipment are intended to be fitted by the holder on second-hand agricultural tractors supplied by the contracting authority, The power of which varies between 90 and 130 hp and complies with tier 3 or 4 standards.
com)-- The latest report released on "Global Agriculture Tractor Market - Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022," by Beige Market Intelligence has thrown up interesting information about the global agricultural tractor market.
According to the authors, the rollover protective structure, when added to agricultural tractors, can ensure the operator greater safety in case of accidents involving lateral or longitudinal tipping.
Scott Equipment consigned more than 120 heavy construction and agricultural equipment items to this week's auction, including a large selection of agricultural tractors, wheel loaders, crawler tractors and hydraulic excavators.
The agreement was signed by CEO of the National Company of Agricultural Tractors (ETRAG) Abdelaziz Bendjama and CEO of the company for trading in agricultural materials (PMAT) Saleh Atouche, from the Algerian side, and the Vice-president of Legal Affairs of the Industrial Group AGCO/Ferguson Roger Batkin, from the US side.
The statement said that an increasing number of accidental death cases have been reported in several governorates involving the use of agricultural tractors, which are causing the deaths of many people in agricultural areas of the West Bank.
Both are designed for a range of utility vehicles, agricultural tractors and combine harvesters, the company said.
CHN is a leading manufacturer of agricultural tractors and construction equipment, with dealers and distributors operating in more than 160 countries.
Items to be procured include: 187 kilowatt (250 horsepower) agricultural tractors (12) in either or both of two options: Option A - 4-WD, equal wheel, articulated tractors; Option B - 4-WD, unequal wheel, rigid chassis tractors; 112 kilowatt (150 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (5); 75 kilowatt (100 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (9); 56 kilowatt (75 horsepower) 4-WD agricultural tractors (26); 34 kilowatt (45 horsepower) 2-WD cane transport tractors (4).
The EU Conciliation Committee has agreed to maintain the parity between the sulphur levels for red diesel used for agricultural tractors and off-road machinery and that for other heavy gas oils.
A total of 11,689 agricultural tractors - over 40hp - were registered over the period, a figure up 28.
The Portfolio Analysis - Agricultural Tractors is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market.
The computational simulation of the traction performance favors the factors that interfere in the operational efficiency of agricultural tractors without field trials (Al-Hamed & Al-Janobi, 2001).
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