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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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One of the central illusions that Carlson identifies throughout the work of the New Agrarians is their conviction that the world was tending naturally in the direction of decentralization, with some going so far as to suggest that if only the artificial, state-sanctioned props to the modern industrial order--like special incorporation laws, and even outright subsidies--were removed, agrarianism would flourish once more.
The irony of all this, Carlson writes, "is that these were perhaps the very last places that the New Agrarians thought to look for answers.
Early in their excellent introduction to The Southern Agrarians and the New Deal, a collection of twenty essays published by six of the original Twelve Southerners between 1928 and 1939, Bingham and Underwood note the "near willful lack of interest in the Agrarians' political commentary" (p.
The Rebuke of History and the introduction to The Southern Agrarians and the New Deal pay substantial attention to the incorporation of Agrarianism into Southern literary studies during this period, focusing on the role of Louis D.
He asks us to understand the agrarians not as romantics nostalgic for the ante-bellum past but as rebels against the future, seeking a means to escape a seemingly preordained world of industrialism and centralized government.
As such, and like the southern agrarians he defends, Duncan opens himself to strong criticism.
Scientists of an agrarian university also presented an exhibition of scientific developments and achievements.
The growth rate of crop production in percent by 2000 in the current year was 290%, which indicates the effective work of the agrarian sector of the region's economy," said Andrei Burlakov.
It is, to begin with, probably the most complete and fair-minded summary we have of what the principal Agrarians said and thought.
It's an old question, to which the usual answer is "not much"; the Agrarians are sometimes honored as prophets who foresaw a host of current problems, but everyone agrees that they failed to create a lasting political movement.
The participants discussed ways of distributing subsidies aimed at supporting the agribusiness, implementing a mechanism for concessional lending to agrarians, training personnel for the agro-industrial complex, developing rural areas and ways of securing young people in the countryside.
rector of the Russian State Agrarian University - MAAA them.
The agrarians are ready to possible oversowing, he noted.
The agrarian producers have been fully provided with quality seeds.
5 million tons of grain cops were harvested, and agrarians of Cherkasy, Kherson, Khmelnytsk, Kyiv and Sumy regions where more than 1 million tons of grains were harvested, PM said.