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a redistribution of agricultural land (especially by government action)

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However, church leaders and nongovernmental groups hope the president's emphasis will be on narrowing the gap between rich and poor Filipinos, with priority placed on agrarian reform.
In Brazil, where the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) has governed since January 2003--a party that originated in the ranks of labor and included agrarian reform in its platform--the government quit talking about land distribution in the mid-2000s (NotiSur, April 15, 2011), and it broke relations with an old and active ally, the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST).
Working through a network of designated national centers, Cardne aims at assisting national action stimulate and promote regional cooperation relating to agrarian reform and rural development.
By 1940, the CRLC had lost 412,000 acres--roughly half the land it owned in Mexieo--to Cardenas's agrarian reforms.
The agrarian reform law that was passed during the time of former president Corazon Aquino in 1988 exempted sugar farms from land distribution, and offered shares of stocks to farmers.
Director of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Hasaka province, Amer Selo told SANA the suitable weather circumstances this year have played role in developing the growth of wheat during the last two months.
Extended working session on the implementation of agrarian reform in Tajikistan will be held in Dushanbe on Thursday, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture said.
Land and Agrarian Reform in Zimbabwe: Beyond White-Settler Capitalism
They also seek agrarian reform and more investment in health and education.
To attain these objectives and for all technical support to regional level rural development organizations, including CIRDAP to play greater role in agrarian reform and rural development the FAO, IFAD, Commonwealth and other organizations of CIRDAP and all countries of Asia and Pacific have been invited.
But the coalition that brought Lugo to power collapsed following his first attempts to deliver on his promises and Paraguay's parliament is now dominated by the right wing opposition, which represents the landowners who stand to lose if Lugo's agrarian reform goes ahead.
Bolstering the land grabs, Uribe and his allies have removed teeth from agrarian reform laws, including a 1936 measure allowing public reallocation of parcels left idle.
Peter Howard Wertheim, writing in the Oil & Gas Journal, said the 20 accords include cooperation in such areas as oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals, energy, mining, agrarian reform, fishing, science, technology, communications, avoidance of double taxation, and the sale of jet fighters to Venezuela.
Gracchus then tried to usurp the Senate's prerogative by seizing monies bequeathed to Rome by a wealthy king, in order to fund his agrarian reform bill.
By doing this, a transference of wealth was created that was as important as the agrarian reform of 1952," Sanchez said in an interview with LATIN TRADE Sanchez twice held the presidency of his country.