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large burrowing rodent of South America and Central America

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Las caracteristicas de las superficies articulares observadas entre el radio y la ulna, sumados al amplio espacio interoseo, dan margen para que los movimientos de supinacion y pronacion sean posibles, como sucede en otros roedores como Agouti paca (7) y Cuniculus paca (14).
The supranuclear cytoplasm of the principal cells in the lining epithelium of Agouti paca vas deferens showed at ultrastructural level a well-developed endocytotic apparatus characterized by presence of a large number of lysosomes disposed adjacent to multivesicular bodies with pale or denser content, and by occurrence of endosomes.
Taking densities from the "south-region" (identified as one with lowest human intervention) and also considering values in the literature (Robinson & Redford, 1991) a Sustainable Model was generated which indicated that the hunting of Mazama americana, Agouti paca, Eira barbara and Leopardus pardalis was not sustainable.
A Ia lista de mamiferos silvestres del Estado de Puebla, se agrega el de aguti, Agouti paca nelsoni, con base en los registros de cuatro ejemplares, procedentes de dos localidades en Ia selva tropical lluviosa de Ia Sierra Madre Oriental.
Native of Central and South America animals, such as the rodents, paca Agouti paca, capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris and agouti Dasyprocta sp.
For such, we included five species, representing each one of the four families of the Cavioidea: Cavia porcellus, Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris, Agouti paca, Dasyprocta leporina and Myoprocta acouchy.
TABLE 1 Seed predators abundance (1) found at each study site in Monteverde, Costa Rica Continuous Fragment Fragment Presence Species Forest CAT FAR evidence Peromyscus mexicanus A A A Traps Scotinomys teguina C Traps Oryzomys albigularis U Traps Oryzomys alfaroi (group) R R Traps Oligoryzomys fulvescens R Traps Nyctomys sumichrasti R Traps Tylomys watsoni R Traps Heteromys desmarestianus U C A Traps Reithrodontomys gracilis C U Traps Sciurus variegatoides A A C Seen Sciurus granatensis A U Seen Coendou mexicanus R R Seen Agouti paca U Tracks Dasyprocta punctata C U Seen Pecari tajacu C Seen/ tracks (1.
Finalmente, las trampas fotograficas registraron un total de nueve especies, de las cuales cuatro fueron las mas frecuentes (Tayassu tajacu, Mazama americana, Agouti paca y Dasyprocta fuliginosa).
Abstract: Ovarian activity of Agouti paca (Rodentia: Agoutidae) under captivity.
Abstract: Nucleotidic variations of two captive groups of tepezcuintle, Agouti paca (Rodentia: Agoutidae), from two sites in Yucatan, Mexico.
Key words : Gastrointestinal parasites, tepezcuintle, Agouti paca, helminthes, Strongyloides sp.