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Synonyms for ago

Synonyms for ago

gone by


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It is the reason why the life and activity of people who lived centuries ago and are connected with me in time cannot seem to me as free as the life of a contemporary, the consequences of which are still unknown to me.
If I examine an act I performed a moment ago in approximately the same circumstances as those I am in now, my action appears to me undoubtedly free.
One of them was killed yonder not three hours ago."
In the book we are told how this story had been written down long, long ago in a book called the Great Book Written on Skins.
And all through we come on lines like these full of color and detail, which tell us of the life of those folk of long ago.
And all the time she was looking backward to the day, seemingly so long ago, when she sat on the box seat for the first time, her legs dangling in the air, too short to reach the footboard.
Yes, there's a great deal I didn't notice when I was here eight years ago, kicking up my heels.
All is purity and order in this once dreary room, for, fifteen years ago, it was entered by a new presiding spirit.
They were all melancholy old creatures, who had been unfortunate in life, and whose greatest misfortune it was that they were not long ago in their graves.
the woman is dying of that disease that wasted the skirts of Camelot two years ago."
Heidelberg Castle must have been very beautiful before the French battered and bruised and scorched it two hundred years ago. The stone is brown, with a pinkish tint, and does not seem to stain easily.
Ages ago, thousands of generations ago, man had thrust his brother man out of the ease and the sunshine.
But a disease killed all the vines fifteen years ago, and since that time no wine has been made.
You long ago earned the right to hurt me if you want to."
The Admiral wrote me, a few weeks ago, that he saw no hope for anything else."