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a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place)

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Cage is an obsessive-compulsive agoraphobe with no personal relationships, who discovers he has a teenage daughter, Alison Lohman.
Perhaps the most useful sections are the first three chapters including "Why Travel Solo?" and "Getting Beyond the Excuses." With her brisk persuasive tone Whitman could convince an agoraphobe to consider a trek to the pyramids or the Great Wall of China.
How is the new world friendly for the digitally friendly agoraphobe? If we think of a person through the eyes of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, it is clear that many needs can be met, at least in part, in the digital world.
Penney, a former agoraphobe, hadn't spent a minute on Canadian soil.
He explained that he did not yet feel ready for "super-high visibility," describing himself as a "self-made agoraphobe." Nevertheless, the offer by a respected attorney to bring a lawsuit on Al's behalf reinforced Al's sense that he was entitled to the unfettered, independent pursuit of his own interests and that his rights were violated by government restrictions.
There is the agoraphobe whose affliction is so debilitating she can't hold down a job, a woman suffering from breast cancer, a 37-year-old woman who wants to run with her four-year-old muscular dystrophy suffering son .
I find the Malin Effect most winning, the work of a candid savant, which isn't bad going for a reputed agoraphobe who loses his friends' addresses.
Roy, (Cage), is a most unlikely con man: an obsessive compulsive, chain-smoking agoraphobe with various nervous tics, who cannot leave his house without opening and closing each door three times.
Roy is a most unlikely con man - an obsessive, chain-smoking agoraphobe with various nervous tics.