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a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in

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Lewis's take on the Radio 2 and Channel 5 current affairs presenter has been another regular feature on Steve Wright and he now has an off-shoot show, Jeremy Vine: Agony Uncle, which will be broadcast on Christmas Eve.
Glenn said: "Brady sets himself up as an agony uncle to the boy.
While he tries to sort out other people's problems in his agony uncle column, he remains single and has said that he may never settle down.
Freak things like this will always happen, when something slips the net." Norton also hosts Eurovision and for the last eight years has been an agony uncle for the Telegraph, giving advice to giving advice to T troubled readers.
“We're delighted to have Slash on board in the role of Agony Uncle,” says Derek Collinson, internet entrepreneur and creator of the dating and relationship website.
Social crusader, agony uncle, TRP grabber with adifference, or India's answer to Oprah.
London, May 11 ( ANI ): Jon Hamm has turned agony uncle of sorts, as he dished out advice to teenage girls on everything from dating and sex to fashion in a new video blog.
Actor and TV presenter Danny Dyer has denied advising a reader of Zoo magazine to cut his ex's face in his regular agony uncle column.
Which magazine apologised after a heartbroken man was advised in celebrity agony uncle Danny Dyer's column to cut his ex-girlfriend's face?
"I certainly don't think it's a two-horse race," said Smith, sitting on stage at the British Horseracing Conference with Paul Barber, Denman's partowner, in a chat hosted by TV agony uncle Jeremy Kyle.
New features of the website reportedly include: Star Style, (information on celebrity fashion); information on new beauty products; and an agony uncle.
Pollard becomes an unlikely agony uncle when he advises simple Sam to grab his chance of happiness with the weird and wonderland Alice before she leaves for pastures new.
And with Ray he plays agony uncle to Lisa all evening when she reveals that she felt she'd let them all down when she couldn't complete her first task because of an asthma attack.
Young is the oldest member of Gareth Southgate's England squad for Russia this summer and is happy to be the agony uncle if any of the younger players need advice.
In 1960s Soho, there was a music shop called Preacher Man run by a guy who was something of an Agony Uncle. His miserable son (Simon) now runs the premises.