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a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in

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But, when Coleman came to my attention through his Psychology Today blog, the role of the Agony Uncle seemed perfect.
While some feel Aamir is merely playing Agony Uncle for the sake of TRPs even as the channel rakes it in using his Bollywood stardom to grab eyeballs, others feel at least someone has made a start in a desirable direction.
Summary: Actor and TV presenter Danny Dyer has denied advising a reader of Zoo magazine to cut his ex's face in his regular agony uncle column.
Which magazine apologised after a heartbroken man was advised in celebrity agony uncle Danny Dyer's column to cut his ex-girlfriend's face?
I certainly don't think it's a two-horse race," said Smith, sitting on stage at the British Horseracing Conference with Paul Barber, Denman's partowner, in a chat hosted by TV agony uncle Jeremy Kyle.
PEOPLE with relationship and family problems are wanted to appear on agony uncle Jeremy Kyle's new talk show.
Pollard becomes an unlikely agony uncle when he advises simple Sam to grab his chance of happiness with the weird and wonderland Alice before she leaves for pastures new.
MANCHESTER, England, September 8 /PRNewswire/ -- City Life, Greater Manchester's weekly listings and lifestyle magazine, is proud to announce the appointment of Anthony Wilson as new agony uncle from this week's issue (out 8th September).
And with Ray he plays agony uncle to Lisa all evening when she reveals that she felt she'd let them all down when she couldn't complete her first task because of an asthma attack.
oa gi Alex Hooper-Hodson, our teen agony uncle and author of The Boy Files, gives his view on Stacie's situation VE wF VERY few of us worry about whether we're girls or boys.
We've teamed up with Bobby Lane, business agony uncle and an accountant at Shelly Stock Hutter LLP, to help you get it right and give you the answers to the questions your bank is most likely to ask.
A PSYCHOTHERAPIST, counsellor and agony uncle Dr Aaron Balick says: " At 16, your son is well on his way to being his own person and making his own decisions.
He was known as an Agony Uncle because people would come to him with their problems.