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Synonyms for agonistic

striving to overcome in argument

struggling for effect


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Grounding her theory on the assumption of antagonism's ineradicability, Mouffe redefines democratic politics as agonistic pluralism.
Agonistics apuesta por un serio compromiso en la lucha por la hegemonia 'tambien dentro' de las instituciones existentes (parlamentos, sindicatos, etc.
So the ambiguities or apparent contradictions found in Huizinga's use of terms such as free and voluntary, ordered, temporal and spatial limitations and representations or agonistics become clear once we contextualise them within one order of discourse or another.
From Nietzsche's (and later George Steiner's) suggestion that tragedy is dead and has been replaced onstage by sappy, redemptive ideologies, to Kaufmann's idea that tragedy lives in its continuum with dark comedy, the ongoing agonistics over the structure of tragedy belie any textbook certainty offered by the likes of Aristotle's Poetics.
To make this case she must write literary history in reverse, moving from Shakespeare's Jacobean agonistics to Sidney's Elizabethan wisdom of accommodation.
and civilization": building on this premise, her account of the story Hill similarly focus on how Poe's story reveals "the agonistics of detective fiction as a budding genre," one that "invokes some specific historical tensions of America in the early 1840s" For starters, detective fiction emerges out of "the new phenomenon of larger urban areas that were undergoing a process of refinement and topographical categorization" (1997, 182).
This stylization captures something of the agonistics, if not the psychodynamics, of the OK Corral conflict that has been waged here this decade.
The book does not enact the agonistics it wants to showcase, and thus its own aesthetics seem strangely at odds with its subject matter.
In Beckett's work, these temporal agonistics centre upon punctuation.
Dopamine agonistics effects as opposed to prolactin concentration in plasma as the influencing factor on the duration of anoestrus in bitches.
I will work within Max Weber's theory of modern society to delineate the type of masculine agonistics that can be usefully critiqued from a feminist perspective.
On the other hand, he is also concerned to suggest that this is not merely a matter of intellectual jousting, or dualist agonistics, but of experience itself (see especially Willmott 1994).
Or is this a matter of the forte of an individual repertoire, the ad hominem agonistics of a game-plan?