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Halfbanded rockfish Sebastes semicinctus Pink seaperch Zalembius rosaceus Poachers# Agonidae Pygmy rockfish Sebastes wilsorti Rosethom rockfish# (1) Sebastes helvomaculatus Rosy rockfish# (1) Sebastes rosaceus Splitnose rockfish Sebastes diploproa Squarespot rockfish Sebastes hopkinsi Starry rockfish# (1) Sebastes constellatus Thornyheads# Sebastolobus spp.
Lifting behavior may be rare among the Agonidae and is possibly limited to the genus Hypsagonus, since long-term personal observations of captive agonids in eight other genera (Agonopsis, Ocella, Odontopyxis, Bothragonus, Xeneretmus, Agonus, Pallasina, and Anaplagonus) have not revealed any similar behaviors.
All Agonidae, poachers All Liparidae Variegated snailfish, Liparis gibbus All Zoarcidae Canadian eelpout, Lycodes polaris All Stichaeidae Stout eelblenny, Anisarchus medius Slender eelblenny, Lumpenus fabricii Slender eelblenny or snake prickleback, Lumpenus spp.
Some species in the families Agonidae, Cottidae, and Hemitripteridae reproduce by internal gametic association with external fertilization.
Development of larval and early juvenile pygmy poacher, Odontopyxis trispinosa, and blacktip poacher, Xeneretmus latifrons (Scorpaeniformes: Agonidae).
[combfishes]), family (e.g., Agonidae [poachers], Cottidae [sculpins]) or order (e.g., Pleuronectiformes [flatfishes]).
Cabezon (j) Scorpeanichthys marmoratus Pacific staghorn Leptocottus armatus sculpin Agonidae Sturgeon poacher (j) Podothecus acipenserinus Cyclopteridae Pacific spiny Eumicrotremus orbis lumpsucker Carangidae Jack mackerel Trachurus symmetricus Bramidae Pacific pomfret Brama japonica Anarhichadidae Wolf-eel (j) Anarrhichthys ocellatus Ammodytidae Pacific sandlance Ammodytes hexapterus Zaprodidae Prowfish (j) Zaprora silenus Scombridae Chub mackerel Scomber japonicus Centrolophidae Medusafish Icichthys lockingtoni Bothidae Sanddabs (j) Citharichthys spp.
Wolf-eel Anarrhichthys ocellatus Eelpout Zoarcidae Poacher Agonidae Generic group classifications Unidentified rockfish Sebastes spp.
scorpius D 0.004 1 0.366 33 Agonidae Aspidophoroides monopterygius D 0.007 3 Cyclopteridae Liparis atlanticus D 0.182 51 0.043 13 L.
Nonrockfish species were represented primarily by six species, which comprised 17.2% of the total abundance: Microstomus pacificus, Ophiodon elongatus, Sebastolobus alascanus, Eptatretus stouti, Merluccius productus, and an unidentified species (or possibly a complex of species) in the family Agonidae (most likely Xeneretmus spp.).