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Synonyms for ago

Synonyms for ago

gone by


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I ain't agoing to tell all that happened--it would make me sick again if I was to do that.
But the last round of fixtures muddied Agoing "the waters a little with the Staggies beating Dundee to record their first league win and Inverness crashing to defeat at Pittodrie.
One can readily see one's own twenty-first century American society in Emerson's deadpan statement: "It is believed, the ordering a cargo of goods from New York to Smyrna, or the running up and down to procure a company of subscribers to set agoing five or ten thousand spindles, or the negociations of a caucus, and the practising on the prejudices and facility of country-people to secure their votes in November, is practical and commendable" (CW 4:154).
So, we still recommend using agoing upwardsa to shorten positions.
He told the judges he would implement a Agoing green" policy that would help his clients reduce their carbon footprints--and differentiate his business.
Bottoler, and that they was agoing to Beasex but Plank says he thinks they are gone bak.
s for the proposed runway extension, there is plenty AA Agoing on behind the scenes but no tractor tearing up the A45 just yet although he says the board is in agreement and he has now been released to make it happen.
"The Upper Canada Club" a first rate tory affair, [has been] set agoing in Mr.
It is hard not to draw connections to Huck Finn's refusal to talk about the Grangerford-Shepherdson family feud turned massacre: "I ain't agoing to tell all that happened--it would make me sick again if I was to do that.