Agnus Dei

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figure of a lamb


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a liturgical prayer beginning with these Latin words

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In the Agnus Dei movement, the outer voices sing a lengthy pedal point an octave apart, while between them the mezzos intone the Agnus Dei.
The previous version of the document stated that "when the Agnus Dei is sung repeatedly as a litany, Christological invocations with other texts may be used.
A small choir sang the entrance antiphon in Latin, along with a chanted Kryie and Agnus Dei.
Along the way there was a honeyed Kyrie, a Dies Irae suffused with a marvellous cacophony of hand-clapping and foot stamping, exquisite guitar playing through the Confutatis, and delicious vocal harmonies in both a non-requiem Alabanza and the more traditional Agnus Dei.
Still other studies explore fairly obscure religious objects; in this category falls Jaqueline Marie Musacchio's fascinating study of Agnus Dei pendants.
She also wrote a liturgical contemplation on the Agnus Dei.
The newly composed sections were the "Symbolum Nicenum" or Credo and the final section with the Osanna, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, and Dona nobis pacem.
Since the 7th Century, Catholics have traditionally got to their knees after the Agnus Dei, the point during Mass when the priest holds up the chalice and consecrated bread and says, "Behold the lamb of God.
Instead, the religious background focused on the architecture and use of churches (especially the location and function of paintings), the structure and content of the Mass (especially the taking of communion), ordinary liturgical texts such as the Magnificat, the Gloria, the Sanctus, the Agnus Dei, seasonal liturgical texts such as the Stabat Mater or 0 Sacrum Convivium, and elements of folk tradition preserved in Christmas carols such as Adam lay y bounden, or The Coventry Carol.
Nuestra musica de iglesia difiere mucho de la de Italia: una misa con el kyrie, el gloria, el credo, la sonata de la epistola: (una sonata corta para organo, usualmente acompanado de instrumentos de cuerdas), el ofertorio o motete, el sanctus y el agnus Dei no deben durar mas de tres cuartos de hora; incluso, tratandose de la misa mas solemne celebrada por el mismo arzobispo .
The blood of the lambs that marked the Jewish homes for the Angel of Death to Passover is the origin of Christian Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God.
FOR some bizarre reason, we are forced to contend with an opening track Agnus Dei in latin, which is a waste of time and effort.
In this case, we start off with Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings music with its Agnus Dei arrangement for chorus.
The plates are detailed and include not only contemporary illustrations of the ceremonies and rituals studied but also maps illustrating processional routes in relation to city walls and gates as well as artefacts including, notably, an Agnus Dei (wax disk) of Pope Benedict XIV from the author's own personal collection (p.
While being commanded to preach the Agnus Dei, in politics evangelicals have rhetorically considered themselves soldiers in the army of Chrisms Victor.