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(Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India

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QUEBEC, Canada -- Elmo Solutions today announced it will launch a new version of its application, Agni Link, which works with Microsoft Windows[R] 7 to offer customers enhanced security, as well as innovative user interface features and reliability improvements.
Chander, who is an eminent missile scientist and the chief architect of the Long Range Ballistic Missile System AGNI, with the prestigious PADMA SHRI award in recognition of his immense contributions towards strengthening the national defence.
Nevertheless, the Bulletin notes, the development of the Agni V has introduced " a new dynamic into the already complex triangular security relationship between India, Pakistan and China".
Another key benefit of Agni Enterprise Search is that it allows not only free-form keyword-based searches, but also structured-form metadata-based searches as well.
Agni Link also supports AutoCAD-based vertical applications such as:
We are confident that this new licensing option for the Agni Link CAD-ERP data integration system will make the solution even more easily accessible to potential users.
ref=pr090401), the leader in ERP-CAD data integration, announces the immediate availability of Agni Link for SolidWorks PDM Enterprise (http://elmosolutions.
Seen together with recent momentous events: the second launch of Agni 5, operational clearance of Tejas Light Combat Aircraft, achieving the criticality of nuclear reactor of India s first nuclear powered submarine Arihant , completion of development phase of underwater launched missile BO5 and development of mark II version of Arjun Main battle tank , Shri Chander said.
Saraswat on Friday said the country is developing Agni VI ballistic missile that would carry multiple warheads allowing one weapon system to take out several targets at a time.
Agni, which means "fire" in Sanskrit, is the name given to a series of rockets the DRDO developed as part of its ambitious integrated guided missile development project launched in 1983.
India on Wednesday successfully test- fired an upgraded, longer range version of its Agni ballistic missile from an island on the eastern coast of Orissa, the second such test in two years, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.
ref=081209), the leader in extraction and processing of CAD and engineering metadata, announces the official launch of Agni Enterprise Search Portal 2009 for Microsoft SharePoint.
Today we have ballistic missiles Agni I, Agni II, Agni III, Agni IV, Agni V, with ranges extending from 700 to 5000 kilometres.
Thomas was project director for the Agni V long-range nuclear-capable missile which was test-fired last week in a major military advance that will give India the ability to hit all of rival China s cities for the first time.