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metal or plastic sheath over the end of a shoelace or ribbon

ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform

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THE Balearics are the party slands of Europe with 4-hour Ibiza the biggest agnet for young tourists from all over the world.
Southeast AgNet was established in 1984 and produces ag news headlines weekdays for more than 60 affiliate radio stations in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.
Information is disseminated in real time through the McCain AgNet, a web-based proprietary information system connected to the company's 100-plus agronomists and other agricultural personnel around the world.
At least it would give the children something interesting to look at, I said gaily to Owen, who was growling "more bloody dosh" as we sashayed round M agnet and Southerns, then, feeling overwhelmed by computer screens that would design your kitchen for you at the touch of a button, hot-footed it to John Lewis.
2]/g) Naphthenic oil 50 Zinc oxide 4 PEG 4000 3 Microcrystalline wax 2 Polyethylene wax 2 Stearic acid 3 Coupling agent TESPT 1 Accelerator MBT 1 Accelerator DPTT 2 Accelerator TMTD 1 EPDM recipe mixing procedure First step in the internal mixer at 60[degrees]C T = 0 minute EPDM T = 1 minute Silica + coupling agnet + St.
Consider AGNET, a nonprofit group based at the University of Nebraska that until the mid-eighties received crop and livestock statistics, export sales reports, and other agricultural data from the U.
He also cites studies by himself and others linking nasal cancers to chlorophenols and reporting a two- to threefold increased risk of liver cancer in Vietnamese exposed to Agnet Orange.
Airbus will also feature the latest version of Tactilon Agnet, which now allow mission critical personnel like police officers or firefighters to communicate securely with based terminals and dispatchers by using LTE smartphones.
Tenders are invited for Ticket Halt Agnet At Khutwasa
The application Tactilon Agnet, previously known as Tactilon TSA, now has LTE Quality of Service management and multimedia capabilities, such as photos and videos, compliant with 3GPP standards.
Networks: Ag Radio Network, Ag Watch Network, AgNet West Radio Network, Ag Information Network of the West, Hoosler Ag Today, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Kansas Farm & Ranch Radio, KMZU, Louisiana Farm Bureau Agri-News Radio Network, MI Ag Information Network, MS Agrinews Network, Northern Ag Network, Price Discovery Network, Radio Oklahoma Network, Red River Farm Network, RFD Radio Network, Southeast AgNet, Southern Farm Network, Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network