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United States dancer and choreographer who introduced formal dance to a wide audience (1905-1993)

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Agnes De Mille and her dancers worked for sixteen weeks on the ball scene in Cukor's film shot on an elaborate sound stage set that, Jackson quips, "seems only slightly smaller than the concourse of Grand Central Station" (138).
Agnes de Mille was near the end of her life in a wheelchair--James Jamieson pretty much set the show--but she was a force to be reckoned with.
Nonetheless, said Agnes de Mille, "She was greeted with a roar such as I have only heard in a football stadium.
Its imaginative choreography, the work of Agnes De Mille, brought her to the first rank.
It was from Agnes de Mille, the groundbreaking choreographer of Oklahoma!
Alicia was a worldrenowned ballerina more than 60 years ago when she danced on New York's Broadway working with people such as George Balanchine and Agnes de Mille. She was only in her 20s when she returned to her home country of Cuba to found its first serious ballet school.
Perhaps his greatest work was as designer of ballet costumes for a galaxy of choreographers including Twyla Tharp, Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine.
The suite is drawn from a ballet score that Gould wrote for Agnes de Mille, the subject being the story of Lizzie Borden and her alleged murder of her parents.
In this new volume, choreographer-directors take center stage as Robert Emmet Long compiles research and personal interviews with the friends, families and colleagues of the giants of the field: Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Gower Champion, Michael Bennett and Tommy Tune.
Fall River Legend (1948) is a ballet by Agnes de Mille.
Its choreographer, Agnes de Mille, had smashed Broadway conventions with her work on Oklahoma!, and would go even further with Carousel.
Weill had superb support, Elia Kazan was director, Agnes de Mille the choreographer and Mary Martin was joined by John Boles and Kenny Baker.
Staged and choreographed by Agnes De Mille, it was considered an experimental and groundbreaking musical with its minimal scenery, Greek chorus and "Our Town" feel.