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Synonyms for agnate

connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Synonyms for agnate

one related on the father's side

related on the father's side

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Examples of enate and agnate relationships are shown in (1) and (2), respectively:
Beneficiaries Versus the Founder's Heirs and Agnates
This relationship is one where male agnates and specialized female agnates are inheriting together.
These factions originate from disputes about land between agnates.
The only rule governing who may be a flute player is that no two agnates could simultaneously play both the short and long flutes.
In south west Pentecost a man identifies with his village, that is, with his agnates.
seem to be dominated by custom, and the records often reveal arrangements made between the husband's family and the wife's agnates.
On this account, the Pangia justifies his refusal to pay both the bride-price and the child-payments to her Yagwoia close agnates who in turn have been chasing him through the islands and the highlands of PNG for the last 15 years in order to extract from him their share of her womb-generativity; for the Pangia got out of her several children.
Relations to other affines and to the agnates of the mother are also used to collect contributions.
6) At the death of every great man, sorcerers who were the deceased's agnates or in their pay, were known to despatch a victim to mark the various stages of his obsequies.
A small group of men, perhaps a subclan, came home in the middle of the day to find their agnates consuming cassowary.
Agnates of men and children and a married woman's husband and son are expected to 'carry' (manda) them, that is, to care for and protect them.
The Anganen say that bridewealth is for the fact that a woman's close agnates have 'carried' her until this time.