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Synonyms for agnate

connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Synonyms for agnate

one related on the father's side

related on the father's side

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Examples of enate and agnate relationships are shown in (1) and (2), respectively:
As a result of the various methods of accretion and attachment, Yatavo agnates now only make up only 87 of 330 Nauti residents, or 26.
As the closest surviving agnates, the sons and daughters totally exclude the decedent's brothers from the inheritance.
There are no other male agnates who would take as Residuaries.
36) As a result, disputes with affines may have festered in ways that similar disputes with agnates did not.
Female inheritance was rare and often contested by male agnates, many of them quite remote.
Poole (1981:146-7) mentions payments at different times in the nuptial process and suggests that the first of these payments is agreed upon by 'male agnates of the focal lineages' only and then a second presentation, consisting of a cooked half of taro, is made from the bride-to-be to her future husband.
In Savage Cove, in the Strait of Belle Isle, Firestone explained "As men tend to remain in the communities in which they were born and work with their agnates they form patrilocal extended families which are often connected by marriage to similar families in other communities" (Firestone 1967: 39).
the status of Qur'anic authority vis-a-vis that of the Traditions) and/or Sunni inheritance law in particular might somehow be involved, the latter, of course, especially because of its insistence (in the Traditions) upon the rights of male agnates.
These differences are generally held to align with the difference between what Mithun (1984) called "Type II" and "Type III" incorporation: in Type II incorporation, "the N loses its syntactic status as a distinct argument of the clause," while in Type III it is still a distinct argument, can be modified by external material, has nonincorporated agnates and so forth.
72) Those working on his behalf successfully made a peace with the agnates and cognates of his late wife, however, and Anhellon was released from prison.
When the bride arrives at the groom's compound, he or his senior agnates acting as his surrogates unload and 'unplug' both her cargo and her body: they remove the father-in-law's flutes from the bride's net bag and remove the cooked pork from the flutes, feeding morsels to the bride by placing each one directly into her 'newly-"bearded" mouth' so her hands never touch her father's meat.