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climbing herbs of southeastern Asia having thick fleshy oblong leaves and naked unisexual flowers: Chinese evergreen

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These covered the genera Pteris (Adiantaceae) Asplenium (Aspleniaceae) Aglaonema Alocasia Caladium Dieffenbachia Monstera and Philodendron (Araceae) Schefflera (Araliaceae) Oxalis (Oxalidaceae) and Licuala Kentia Livistona (Arecaceae).
Chen et al., "Antihyperglycemic effects of N-containing sugars from Xanthocercis zambesiaca, Morus bombycis, Aglaonema treubii, and Castanospermum australe in streptozotocin-diabetic mice," Journal of Natural Products, vol.
[23] investigated the effect of peat moss and date-palm wastes as substrates on growing of Aglaonema and their results showed that peat moss and date-palm peat were similar in some characteristics such as CEC, pH, EC and organic carbon but water holding capacity in peat moss was higher than date-palm peat and date-palm waste can be replaced with peat moss substrates.
A Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) is the best - and you needn't take my word for it!
Plant Fantasies worked with Balmori and r2P Studio on the staircase, which is surrounded by a planter atrium with a mixture of striped Dracaena and two cultivars of Aglaonema, Emerald Beauty and Diamond Bay, plus a pair of striking Bird of Paradise plants with white flowers.
The scheme uses 7-m-tall replica bamboo, near the Marks & Spencer outlet, with live planting beneath (Vreisia, Guzmania, Caladium, Chlorophytum, Croton, Nerogelia, Aglaonema and Spathiphyllum).
Sword lily, Rose, Carnation, Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, Yucca Elephantipes, Dieffenbachia Amoena, Aglaonema Treubii and Red Willow are among the main ornamental flowers exported from Iran to the above mentioned countries, he concluded.
TABLE 12-1 COMMON NAME GENUS/SPECIES TEMPERATURE Foliage Aluminum plant Pilea cadieri 75-85 Arrowhead plant Syngonium 75-85 Asparagus fern Asparagus 75-85 Baby tears Helxine 45-65 Begonia Begonia 75-85 Bromeliad Aechmea 60-75 Bromeliad Guzmania 60-75 Bromeliad Neoregelia 70-80 Bromeliad Nidularium 65-75 Cabbage palm Cordyline 60-85 Caladium Caladium 70-75 Calathea Calathea 60-64 Cast-iron plant Aspidistra elatior 75-85 Chinese evergreen Aglaonema 75-85 Cleyera Cleyera 55-70 Coffee Coffea arabica 60-70 Coleus Coleus 75-90 Croton Codiaeum 65-85 Date palm Phoenix spp.
carotovora, provenientes uno de cafecito de jardin (Aglaonema commutatum 'Maria') y dos de tomate (Lycopersicon esculentum), con diferencias en el comportamiento fisiologico y patogeno.
For holidays, he also recommends scheffleras, silver queen, and aglaonema.