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Two sporophylls of Aglaomorpha cornucopia were collected from one individual on May 2012 in the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) forest, Mt.
All fresh mature spores of Aglaomorpha cornucopia were yellow, bilateral, and monolete, with simple laesura.
This pattern also fits Aglaomorpha cornucopia, which had 64 spores per sporangium and reproduced sexually, as evidenced by its sporophyte formation (the clear separation between gametophyte and sporophyte) and the genome size difference observed between the sporophyte and gametophyte.
In this study, Aglaomorpha cornucopia, a rare endemic fern from the Philippines, was cultured from spores.
The effect of storage conditions on the spore viability of Aglaomorpha meyeniana Schott.
Young nectary-bearing leaves of each of three species (Drynaria quercifolia, Drynaria rigidula, Aglaomorpha acuminata) were collected from the Duke University greenhouse.
acuminata nectaries are much more complex than those of the other drynarioid species in this study, further anatomical studies of other Aglaomorpha species will clarify the extent to which this complexity is shared within the genus.
The most recent study of the two genera combines morphological and molecular data to conclude that Drynaria is paraphyletic and Aglaomorpha is monophyletic (Fig.
The Aglaomorpha acuminata nectary is unique among known ferns in its anatomical complexity.