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(Greek mythology) one of the three Graces

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NXPs accelerated vision processing IP, together with algorithm expertise from HELLA Aglaia and LG allow such applications to run at very low latency and within a market leading power envelop.
Aglaia will present the newly formed UAE local Chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the only professional body for Sustainability Professionals in the region.
Although Hahn is slow to lay the groundwork for the story, readers will soon be entranced by her ethereal prose and will be fervently turning the pages to understand the mystery surrounding Aglaias arrival.
The clearest expression of this ethical imperative may be found in an oft-quoted passage in his 25 November 1872 letter to Aglaia Coronio, then in Athens:
Dubai: More companies in the Middle East are investing in corporate social responsibility (CSR) due to it ability to improving a corporate reputation and positively impacting a company's bottom-line, according to Aglaia Ntili, managing director of Greece-based advisory firm sustainability Knowledge Group.
In dialogue with these historic works are newly commissioned photographs by artists Aglaia Konrad and Armin Linke, who portray Hollein's existing structures from a presentday perspective.
Silvestrol is isolated from Aglaia foveolata and results in apoptosis in the cell lines of hormone-dependent human prostate cancer (60).
Antifungal activities of aglaia roxburghiana (W and A), MIQ, Var, Beddome.
My favourites were Crown Rose, Arachind Creations and I thought Mademoiselle Aglaia was brilliant.
Abdi, the Chairman of the CSR Subgroup of the Dubai Quality Group, Vinod Sivaraman, Senior Manager at LG Electronics and Aglaia Ntili, Global Trainings and Partnership Manager, from CSE.
From the detail of her being beside Hephaestus' forge and the reference to Homer the reader can identify her as Aglaia, wife of Hephaistos.
Langl, lamentando el fracaso del mecenazgo para el mas noble medio de reproduccion de obras de arte, en otras palabras, el puro grabado de linea, lo equiparaba--en relacion con el fotograbado- con el trabajo en marmol en comparacion con la fabricacion de un molde de escayola, haciendose eco de la observacion de Ruskin en The Cestas of Aglaia, que <<la fotografia puede causar al grabado de linea tanto dano como las esculturas de cera de Madame Tussaud a la escultura.
Dammarenolic acid, a secodammarane triterpenoid from Aglaia sp.
There are also Olive harvest and cooking classes in Kea, where Greek cookbook author, Aglaia Kremezi, offers a course in Greek cuisine.