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(Greek mythology) one of the three Graces

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Kurka pairs piccone, squab, English peas and sour cherries (part of Masseria's prix fixe menu, which ranges from $64 to $85 depending on number of courses) with the 2011 Nerello Mascalese Tenuta Aglaea. The wine, which he prices at $120 a bottle, is grown in volcanic ash soil in Italy's trendy Mt.
Calvitimela aglaea (Sommerf.) Hafellner--Ca: Rowe & Egea (1986, 1988), Egea & Rowe (1987); Gr: Egea et al.
Miletus Michael Wildman Ismene Tracy Ifeachor Aglaea Aicha Kossoko Euphrosyne Pamela Nomvete Thalia Joy Richardson Haemon Simon Manyonda Tiresias Bruce Myers Antigone Vinette Robinson Talthybia Jacqueline Defferary Phaex Ferdinand Kingsley With: Jessie Burton, Daniel Fine, Karlina Grace, Irma Inniss, Alexia Khadime, Cornelius Macarthy, Clare Perkins, Victor Power, Daniel Poyser, Zara Tempest Waiters.
Calvitimela aglaea (Sommerf.) Hafellner -- SG: Manrique & Sancho (1987).