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political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema

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Estos dos documentales son autenticos agit-prop anarcosindicalistas producidos bajo un ritmo de montaje vertiginoso que contiene innumerables detalles de la realidad revolucionaria en un fervoroso homenaje al pueblo en armas.
(27) The one-act, agit-prop, verse play Scottsboro and the three-act "mass play" Harvest unsettle divisions and conflicts specific to racialized, national, and linguistic identity in the United States.
After years of post-production, the agit-prop film as it was initially conceived had morphed into something closer to the visual experimentations associated with avant-garde filmmaking.
NO introduction should be needed for the agit-prop band who turned down a million dollar advertising contract, gave fans the all-clear to shoplift their album and gave John Prescott a cold shower at the Brits.
According to McCall, the Dream plays run the gamut in style-"kitchen sink dramas, abstract plays, satire, agit-prop, a musical"-as well as in points of departure.
GW: Towards the end, in the tradition of agit-prop theater, Palacios wanted to turn the performance into a political rally.
Her advertisements for the common good are witty public service announcements, executed in a snappy, formally intricate style that is Dadaist cut-up, proto-Photoshop morph, Constructivist agit-prop, and poet's broadside rolled into one.
Washington has warned that a third test would trigger more sanctions against Pyongyang, but it took a conservative line on the latest agit-prop video from North Korea.
The agit-prop video Innocence of Muslims has done its intended worst, and the Arab world has erupted in violence and rage.
Its inaugural programme of works by 40 artists included activist Suzanne Lacy's The Crystal Quilt, a collaborative piece of agit-prop that melds quilting, photography, video and participation.
Here is evidence that it can turn even engaging and intelligent professors of English literature and history into witless exponents of agit-prop.
Through their label Paredon Records (1970-89), now a Smithsonian Folkways deposit, Silber and his wife, the singer Barbara Dane, released much truly engaged material, including Dane's I Hate the Capitalist System (1973); Leon Rosselson and Roy Baileys Songs of Life five a Dying British Empire (1981); Thailand: Songs for Life (1978) by the Thai agit-prop band Caravan (Caraboa); Palestine Lives!: Songs from the Struggle of the People of Palestine (1974) by various artists; and the What Now People?
His extraordinary agit-prop production of Mairead Ni Ghrada's An Triail at the Damer Hall in 1964, as well as his equally striking 1968 staging of the same author's Breithiunas at the Peacock, strengthened this idea that Tomas was a Brechtian.
Is it really possible to include Martha Rosler's collage series "Bringing the War Home" (1968-74), which she herself described as "agit-prop" in Pop?
More successful is Emily Fairey's comparison of visual representation of "Persian-ness" between Greek vase painters and Frank Miller's agit-prop "historical" epic, 300.