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political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema

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"The Morning of the Dragon" pulsates with massed martial force and the stridently flaming colors of Mao-cum-Ho agit prop. By way of contrast, the Engineer's archly cynical ode to U.S.
The practices of ritual theater, street theater, agit prop theater, environmental performance, and poor theater have been subsumed as aesthetic devices, while their political pertinence has been lost in the increased commodification of the proscenium in the United States.
Based on a nonlinear narrative, supplemented by a theatrical chorus that describes places and events, hers is a didactic theater not unlike agit prop or street theater.
I first met Milly on one of Winnipeg's first Walks for Peace, and after talking with her, I immediately joined Nellie McClung Theatre, the feminist agit prop group that Milly formed, wrote for, and directed.
New single Deanschanger is a riveting piece of agit prop. Punk guitar with Mick's Scots-rant make it a near-perfect explosion of lumpen Brit-rock.