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Synonyms for ageism

discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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Therefore, the agist attitudes have serious implications for the ways in which men view themselves and their bodies according to the cultural ideal.
These various forms of agist oppression are held together, it is argued, on a widely held but at root economically determined, perception of older people as unproductive and a burden on society as a whole.
Age is an issue, with four-and six-year-olds being best, so let's be agist and lose Tungsten Strike, Carte Diamond, Far From Old, Greenwich Meantime, Gee Dee Nen, Mudawin, Desert Sea, Missoula, Inchnadamph, Akarem, Rationale, Arc Bleu and BollinDerek.
That's a start, so lets get agist and make a really important move.