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Synonyms for aging

acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

growing old

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CL 2014-17 simply reiterates thus: 'Premiums Receivable Account (direct agents, general agents and insurance brokers) covering policies within 90 days from inception as of the cut-off date, provided that these receivables are supported by an aging schedule showing details per policy; and copies of policies and other pertinent documents are made available to the examiners for verification, otherwise, unverified accounts will be disallowed.'
Furthermore, administrators should participate in a monthly review of the Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule. The AR clerk and administrator should participate in a conference call with a corporate officer to review all outstanding balances older than 90 days.
If after you have reviewed your accounts receivable aging schedule, you develop a concern about a customer's financial stability, then call the customer.
The following aging schedule summarizes the related balances and gives the percentages which have historically been uncollectible.
You will also need to analyze your accounts through an aging schedule, which shows how specific accounts are doing and where the trouble spots are.
Nearly all (97 percent) of the respondents use at least an aging schedule to review their receivables.
Output from these procedures involves sending the appropriate files and the aging schedule to a printer.