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Synonyms for gerontology

the branch of medical science that deals with diseases and problems specific to old people

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WASHINGTON, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today the Alliance for Aging Research released a new volume and factsheet focused on cancer in its Silver Book: Chronic Disease and Medical Innovation in an Aging Nation series.
delirium"Delirium is a major problem at many hospitals and preventing its downstream consequences, including falls, is a priority, said Tammy Hshieh, MD, of BWH s Division of Aging and the Aging Brain Center in Hebrew SeniorLife s Institute for Aging Research.
Zhavoronkov is the director and a trustee of the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based think tank supporting aging research worldwide, and is the founder of the International Aging Research Portfolio, a curated knowledge management system for aging research.
Thiel explained his SENS pledge this way: "I believe that [de Grey's] revolutionary approach to aging research will accelerate [greatly improved longevity], allowing many people alive today to enjoy radically longer and healthier lives.
For more information, please contact the Alliance for Aging Research at 202-293-2856.
The aging research field is thinking expansively and putting the disparate pieces together.
Content includes information on the linkages among the social, behavioral and health dimensions of gerontology, including scientific aging research, psychological aging research and public health-oriented research.
While less common than the growing population of lesbians and gays in LTC facilities, there are an estimated 350,000 to 1 million trans gender persons in the United States aged 65 and older, according to Witten's 2002 study, Transgender and Aging Research Issues.
6-million design-and-construction effort to replace the aging research submersible Alvin.
Support for reestablishing an NIMH branch devoted to aging was bolstered by an internal work group report, which found that in 2002, NIMH provided four times the grant funding ($358 million) to child research as to aging research ($90 million).
A recent study by scientists at the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York City found that many centenarians (100-year-olds) carry an inherited ability to produce larger particles of LDL cholesterol.
In a national survey conducted for the Alliance for Aging Research, Belden and Russonello (1991) found that a large majority of Americans (66 percent) would like to live to be 100 years old.
The Association for Aging Research, which leased nearly 2,000 square feet on the tower's 18th floor.
Hebrew SeniorLife Institute for Aging Research Recommends More Protein in Diet to Prevent Fractures
The aging of our population means that more Americans will be faced with persistent pain," says Cynthia Bens, Vice President of Public Policy for the Alliance for Aging Research.