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Synonyms for ageing

growing old or older


Synonyms for ageing

acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

growing old

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Identifying the changes that occur at a cellular level due to these psychosocial factors allows us to understand the causes of these poor health conditions and possibly the overall aging process.
If we inherit our mother's mitochondrial DNA with mutations, we experience aging process more quickly, he explained.
Scientists have discovered what seems to be a simple solution to combat the aging process in the form of a capsule containing TA-65," says Dr.
Each process is supported with research, examples, and narratives that provide the reader with a better understanding of the aging process.
Today, two groups within the NIEHS are exploring the so-called mitochondrial theory of aging--the idea that the aging process itself may be due to a lifetime of oxidative damage to proteins, DNA, and lipids in mitochondria, the cellular organelles where food is converted into energy.
Visual clarity, how well a person sees, is the physiological change most associated with the aging process.
It's one of the best things you can do to slow the aging process.
The company uses natural minerals, waxes and vegetable oils in its shimmering eye shadows ($12), soft-as-silk powders ($24) and creams ($35) that throw a little mud in the eye of the aging process.
This is the real cause of the aging process now underway which will threaten the viability of every country in another 30 years.
Although the elderly were never as large a part of the medieval population as they are in the industrialized west, they were common enough that in the late Middle Ages laws were passed specifically to cover them, and the aging process could be used as a metaphor for the decay of the physical world.
Architects, as well as interior and environmental and graphic designers, have an obligation and a responsibility to understand the changes that occur in the aging process and the special needs that arise from them.
The lack of a clear understanding of the aging process poses a dilemma for health professionals.
Indeed, all are highly interactive, all effect the aging process.
Melatonin is a hormone billed by health-food groupies as a "magic bullet" capable of battling cancer, slowing the aging process, and boosting sexual potency.
c] as the variable product reflecting chemical changes that occur during the aging process.