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Synonyms for ageing

growing old or older


Synonyms for ageing

acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

growing old

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For a study published in the Journal of Pharmacopuncture, researchers were investigating the aging process in mice, examining the roles of oxidative stress, cell death, hepatoxicity, and neurotoxicity.
During the aging process, telomeres shorten and deteriorate.
These changes in the form of telomere shortening and alterations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), are important in the aging process, and this new research provides evidence that psychosocial factors--specifically childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders-- may also influence these cellular changes and could lead to accelerated aging.
brings together contributors from around the world, who consider the aging process from a global perspective.
The mitochondria contains their own DNA, which changes more than the DNA in the nucleus, and this has a significant impact on the aging process," clarified the study leader Nils-Goran Larsson, Ph.
The report goes further, uncovering novel processes driving skin stem cell aging, and linking the aging process with diseases such as cancer.
The role of personal choice becomes the foundation of the text to guide one to change the manner by which he/she experiences the aging process.
Parson presents The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells And Their Promise For Medicine, a fascinating look at what research into fetal stem cells has to say about not only the latest modern medicine, but also the aging process and the destiny of humanity itself.
Gay and bisexual men have higher levels of free testosterone in their bodies, which easily converts to dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that is associated with the male aging process," Kryger said of the phenomenon.
As our bodies age, our ability to defend against environmental insults diminishes, and exposures can accelerate the aging process and trigger or exacerbate disease.
Its mission is to develop diagnostic and therapeutic drugs to treat the central disease pathways that cause degeneration of the brain as the aging process progresses.
The physiological changes associated with the aging process may require educators to modify their teaching methods and classroom environments for the adult learner.
BUYER BEWARE: A new booklet by the AARP Andrus Foundation and International Longevity Center-USA warns consumers about false claims and bogus remedies that promise to stave off the aging process.
The title refers to the aging process in the farming of tobacco for shipment and sale.
Salivart[R] Synthetic Saliva relieves dry mouth associated with head and neck radiation therapy, chemotherapy, Sjogren's syndrome, drug therapies, oral surgery, Bell's palsy, saliva gland infection, mouth or throat inflammation, and the normal aging process.