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a unit of power equal to 746 watts

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Agilent Open is a versatile combination of test system hardware, I/O and software tools.
Agilent provides the industry's broadest selection of GC and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) systems, consumables, software and support, and is the clear global leader in the category.
Agilent's novel "glycan chip," developed at Agilent Laboratories to perform high-resolution separation of complex OG mixtures: This is an application-specific version of Agilent's high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) chip, introduced last year; and
Simplifying the DAQ device application further is the bundled Agilent Modular Instruments Measurement Manager application software.
Agilent was the first test and measurement vendor to join the WiMAX Forum.
To encourage wider adoption of this cutting-edge methodology among manufacturers worldwide, and to extend the capabilities of ICT beyond traditional use models, Agilent will license its bead probe technology to other ICT test equipment vendors.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Press releases, photography and other information can be accessed on the Agilent Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis newsroom at www.
The distribution ratio was calculated by dividing the 50 million Verigy shares that Agilent intends to distribute by the 408,376,999 Agilent shares outstanding as of 5:00 p.
NASDAQ: VRGY) today announced that the Agilent Technologies, Inc.
The shares represent all of the Verigy shares that Agilent owns and an approximately 85-percent ownership stake in Verigy.
The Agilent MXG signal generators feature the industry's best adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) performance at -65 dBc (-69 dBc measured) for a 4-carrier 3GPP W-CDMA signal, and -71 dBc (-76 dBc measured) for a single-carrier signal.
Agilent is recognized as the leader in RF design and simulation, with proven breadth and depth.