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a unit of power equal to 746 watts

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Agilent Technologies EPS in the same period a year ago totaled 67 cents.
Agilent said joining forces with Young, its long-standing channel partner in South Korea, provides Agilent with a solid foundation to address the needs of the growing analytical market in South Korea.
Commitment to Strong IG: Agilent has consistently maintained gross debt/EBITDA around 2.0x since it spun off Keysight in 2014.
The suite will also serve as an Agilent instrument demonstration lab and showcase for customers to experience the company's definitive workflow solutions.
According to Agilent, iLab Solutions' offerings enable its customers to easily and accurately book time in shared facilities, to bill and invoice for projects, to manage studies, to generate reports and business intelligence and to schedule instrument reservations across multiple projects.
According to Agilent, the SureScan Dx microarray scanner comes with an autoloader and Agilent Microarray Scan Control software.
In a recently published miRQC study1, Agilent SurePrint miRNA Microarrays were compared with various qPCR, next- generation sequencing, and microarray platforms to benchmark performance.
The test bench also provides a post-processing scripting capability, known as Waveform Bridge, which exports simulated waveforms to the same compliance application used with Agilent Infiniium oscilloscopes.
Emitac Test and Measurement Solutions division is Agilent partner since 1974 in UAE.
Agilent Technologies has announced plans to separate into two publicly traded companies: one in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied markets (LDA) that will retain the Agilent name, and the other that will include Agilent's current portfolio of electronic measurement (EM) products.
Ron Nersesian, who has been Agilent's president and chief operating officer, is executive vice president of Agilent and president and CEO-designate of the new EM company.
Our largest SystemVue customers asked us to help address the complexity of verification for multi-format smartphones and modern electronic warfare and defense systems, said Todd Cutler, general manager of Agilent EEsof EDA.
When used in conjunction with scanning microwave microscopy, EMPro software can lead to a better understanding of a sample's underlying electromagnetic field distribution and corresponding physical properties such as complex impedance, permittivity and permeability, said Bill Volk, vice president, Nano Scale Sciences Division at Agilent.
Agilent's board of directors approved the initiation of quarterly cash dividends to its shareholders in January 2012.