Hagia Sophia

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a 6th century masterpiece of Byzantine architecture in Istanbul

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Because of this, the Girtoni alluvium forms a terrace some 5 m below the Agia Sophia surface (Demitrack 1986: 31) and raised about as much above the historical floodplain.
There about one-third of the Early and Middle Neolithic mounds are located on exposed Agia Sophia and fan surfaces (TABLE 2); the others lie within early Holocene and historical floodplains where the site density (average area per site) is also greatest.
Lift the 557 year-old blockade on the holy Church of Agia Sophia - so we may pray in it," said Mr.
Prime Minister - you and your government have it in your power to do the right thing, to undo the sacrilege of the seizure of our holy church, Agia Sophia, and return it to Orthodox Christians, which was and remains the center of worldwide Orthodox Christianity, just as the Vatican represents the locus of worldwide Catholicism.
From the mesmerising Blue Mosque to the mind-blowing Agia Sophia, from the atmospheric Roman cistern to the soaring SEleymaniye Mosque, boat trips on the Bosphorous, fish suppers under the Galata Bridge, inhaling the heady air of the Spice Market - this is a city of superlatives.