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a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism

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Chief Aghanya said no court in Europe or America would be sympathetic to Nigeria over the matter, considering the bad image of corruption the country suffers in recent time overseas.
'Mr Dennis Aghanya's and Miss Onochie's actions are enough evidence for the international community to intervene on the side of the Nigerian people and the judiciary lest the brinkmanship of the Buhari administration leads the nation to the precipice.
These fresh discoveries added to the undisclosed sums in hard currency, bank accounts and landed properties estimated in billions of naira as previously revealed by Aghanya's ARDI.
Mr Dennis Aghanya who wrote the petition said it all, in his petition to the Bureau referenced the forthcoming elections and said we are only 30-something days away from the general elections in which the CJN will play an important role.
The petition against Justice Onnoghen was written by the Executive Director, Anti-corruption and Research Based Dada Initiative, Mr Dennis Aghanya, who is said to be an ex-media aide of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The petition was written by Dennis Aghanya, a close associate of President Buhari in the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).
A Dennis Aghanya, former aide of President (Muhammadu) Buhari whose organisation conferred some award on Governor Umar Ganduje at the peak of his dollar bribery scandal suddenly became an anti-corruption crusader and filed a petition against the CJN to the Code of Conduct Bureau on Wednesday, January 8 and charges filed based on it on Friday, the 10th, the very day the petition was presented to the CJN for his response.
The executive secretary of the anti-corruption research data based initiative, Dennis Aghanya, had written a petition against the CJN Onnoghen, alleging amongst others things that the Onnoghen failed to declare ownership of sundry accounts funded through cash deposits made by himself up to August 10, 2016.
Barely 33 days before the general elections and you are dragging the summative symbol of the Judiciary to a Tribunal with a hurried and apparently coordinated petition from one Dennis Aghanya who used to work closely with the highest authority in the land!